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You should have been better!

Shows that showed me great promise but failed for one reason or another. Most of these are rated 7/10. Memorable, enjoyable, likable shows but forgettable at the same time.


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LadnarVonBoshaft Apr 6, 2020

Of the anime on this list that I have watched (Gunslinger Girl, Fafner, Noein, and Noir), I agree with you in terms of their potential to be better.  Fafner is such a convoluted mess.  Then there are other shows like Penguindrum which I'm not sure can actually be vastly improved (it's already a well-done work).  I'm interested in hearing what would you change about Penguindrum.

PurraNeko Feb 10, 2019

I guess its personal opinion but I quite like


Code Geass

and Ouran Highschool Host Club

Stela Jun 16, 2018

I'd be interested to read your thoughts on these.

Epimondas Oct 30, 2017

Btw many of these shows I like despite that and I have my own separate list for shows that "jumped the shark".

Epimondas Oct 30, 2017

I don't know if all these shows quite did a "jumping of ye old shark" kind of thing but I can see a few reasons why some of these would be on such a list.  The sappy twins and constant harassment by the guys in Ouran for example which totally debunks their efforts to make her appear like a guy and in a sense undermines the entire point of the series.  Nurarihyon I can possible see because he fails to keep his monster supernatural side out of his school life like he planned and many of the monsters are so tacky and crappy looking you wonder if any effort was put into designing and creating them at all.  Gosick partly because the setting and characters feel like a forced misatch match and all too atypical cheesy template fantasies of young blond girls are at play.  Ghost Hunt, my guess would be the fact that the lead girl suddenly gets new abilities which does come off as a bit of cheesy ploy to keep viewer interest only to be equally at risk to backfire.  Her changes are a bit tooo convenient.  Ghost is unfinished and may play a bit too heavily on the BL kind of angle while at the same time not being upfront or clear about it which only serves to make it more annoying.  Fafnir has a little bit of 'atypical mech' vibe to it and an ironically yet also cliched story about the characters and their actions.  Code Geass, I could see for a few reasons.  One his character changes a bit too suddenly and radically after all that time carefully building up a totally different kind of character that was much easier to like and understand they turn him into the very antithesis of what he hated about his family and society.  Another, could be his abandonment of school before he was finished which potentially scarred his future for a guy who was appeared smart but in the end wasn't.  Or how he interfered in dramatic events early on that only put himself and his friends in danger.  Hell event he fact that such events conviently happened near him and a school is also a tad tacky.  And so on for others, as I have not mentioned all the ones I seen one or more episodes of to have an idea about.