One Outs

TV (25 eps)
2008 - 2009
Fall 2008
4.405 out of 5 from 5,873 votes
Rank #226

Kojima is a baseball legend. As the superstar cleanup hitter for the Lycaons, he won himself many awards including rookie of the year seven times; but there's one title he never acquired: champion. In an attempt to find that special something Kojima feels he's missing inside, he opens a training camp in Okinawa. There, through a series of events, Kojima is introduced to a high stakes game dominated by the talented Toua Tokuchi, and subsequently loses a fortune. However, Kojima finally defeats Toua and due to their agreement, he enlists him to join the now poorly-ranked Lycaons - but Toua demands a high price: instead of a salary, he will receive five million yen for each out, and lose fifty million yen for each point lost. With a bad attitude and prodigal skills, Toua will help transform the Lycaons into winners once more.

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VivisQueen's avatar
VivisQueen Jun 22, 2009
Score 6.5/10

Lounging at my computer waiting for a promised telephone call, I get that unsettling feeling my acquaintance has forgotten, and the risk of disappointment looms ever closer with every tick of the clock. Luckily, I have the final two episodes of One Outs to help kill time; its generic sports appearance notwithstanding, it manages to fill twenty-five episodes... read more

vivafruit's avatar
vivafruit Oct 12, 2009
Score 7/10

A fun sports anime in the play-to-win vein of Akagi and Kaiji - these guys want to win so much it hurts. Hagiwara Masato, the seiyuu who voiced both Kaiji and Akagi, turns in yet another great performance as One Out's protagonist Kokuchi, which also solidifies the link between the other two series. However, while One Outs is incredibly clever at times, the experience feels shallow compared to what was... read more

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  • Vol: 20; Ch: 175
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