Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

Alt title: Haruka Nogizaka's Secret

TV (12 eps)
3.859 out of 5 from 9,894 votes
Rank #1,774

Yuuto Ayase is not interested in girls - if his two housemates are anything to go by, girls are loud, brazen slobs that are best left alone. However, when Yuuto accidentally discovers an important secret of his school’s most popular female, Haruka Nogizaka, the two become bound in a budding friendship. All too soon, Yuuto discovers that, despite her flawless appearance, Haruka is clumsy, naive, and a closet otaku... and he just might be falling for her.

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It's Over... image

Episode 1

It's Over...

It’s my first time… image

Episode 2

It’s my first time…

“This is it…” image

Episode 3

“This is it…”

Is it okay…? image

Episode 4

Is it okay…?

When you stare at me like that… image

Episode 5

When you stare at me like that…

It’s…Natsu-Comic image

Episode 6


…I’m in love! image

Episode 7

…I’m in love!

…Onii-san image

Episode 8


I was so happy… image

Episode 9

I was so happy…

I want to be with you… image

Episode 10

I want to be with you…

...Sorry For The Wait image

Episode 11

...Sorry For The Wait

It's a Secret! image

Episode 12

It's a Secret!

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DavidWP's avatar
DavidWP Jul 25, 2011
Score 6.7/10

A great suporting cast is why I like this anime, but the two leads are bland, annoying and under-developed. Lets hope the second seires can put the score up :) Here is the video review: - this review begins where the Kiss X Sis review left off, so if your confussed watch that review for... read more

Funari's avatar
Funari Aug 16, 2011
Score 5.6/10

Ah, Nogizaka Haruka, which is probably better known as "that other show about an idol girl who turns out to be an otaku except it was made before OreImo".

The premise is simple enough: a girl who seems pretty much perfect on the surface is an otaku and a random guy finds this out, resulting in...

...and I'm guessing they kind of ran out of ideas what they'd actually do after... read more

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