Mahoraba: Heartful Days

TV (26 eps)
3.646 out of 5 from 2,421 votes
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Shiratori Ryushi is a young man who wants nothing more than to be a children’s book author. To accomplish his goal he moves to an old-style apartment in the middle of Tokyo, and at first, his humble abode seems heaven-sent… but not for long! In addition to meeting Aoba Kozue, his good-hearted landlady who isn’t entirely what she seems to be, Ryushi discovers that he has a whole cast of crazy neighbors to handle! What started out a dream has turned into a nightmare of chaotic proportions. Can Ryushi survive his stay in Tokyo?

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Another typical anime.  Seasoned viewers should be aware that this show offers nothing but good ol' fashion happiness.  It's about fluffy feelings with fluffy people.   Story:  Over-all the story is well paced and captures the romance between the main characters quiet well.  They didn't ruin the story with horrible characters (they're all likable) and there's no outrageous plot to take away from the more enjoyable aspects of the show (the romance of course!).  However, despite doing it so well the show is slow paced and gets no where fast.  Typically, all animes do this.  They try to create a high point using romance to end the season and wrap up the show.  To me, the last episode reflects somewhat on my opinion upon this show itself.  I'd point out exactly what I mean but that would be spoiling the end.  I wish they would of built up the relationships more but there wasn't a single bad moment in the entire show.  Each character had their own story and were each interesting and lovable in their own way.   Animation:  This irked me and also probably kept my attention.  The male lead looks like a girl.  Once you get past that take a look at the main female lead.   She might as well be the poster child for how cute anime girls can be drawn.  She's just drawn to be loved.  The rest of the side cast are also drawn well but none of them were given the same detail the main female lead was given.  Scenery is beautiful and everything looks crisp and clear.   Sound: The voice acting was... well, pretty good.  I was just thrown off by the main female's voice... Usually the main female sounds elegant, cute, innocent, and you basically tell her personality by her voice.  But this time they gave her a unique voice that really challenged the voice actor.  It was both refreshing and pulled off well.  The music, however, can go find a pit of doom and be lost forever.... yes... forever... *ahem*   Characters:  This is where the show shines the most.  Mahoraba features a very large cast of characters who are all likable, lovable, believable, and well done.  You won't find yourself begging for a second season just to see more of them but by the end of the show you'll have felt like you've truly gotten to know everyone.  There's all sorts of characters to be seen here.  It seems the only type of personality left out was an over-perverted person.  Which maybe there was one but I blew him off 100% of his air time as useless.   Over-all: It's a good watch.  The show lacks any true climax but who always need that? For what it is, which is a feel good show, it's a great one.  I give this my seal of approval and recommend it to Romance lovers.

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