Support The Site

Anime-Planet is one of the biggest anime sites in the world, and most people are surprised to find out that it's run by only a single admin and a small group of volunteers. We're anime fans just like you, and work on the site for free because we share your passion for all things Japan.

If you love Anime-Planet and want to help support the site, you're in the right place! Here's all the ways you can help out:

Support the servers

Anime-Planet's server hosting is expensive and as the site grows, the costs grow. The only way we can pay for the servers and other site costs is through the few ad units on the site, and also your donations (through Paypal). All donations go straight into supporting the site!

Make a donation

Add an ad block exception

We know, ads are a drag. They're also the main way we're able to pay for the servers. We've tried to keep ads extremely minimal because we know they can be annoying - for example, there are no ads in the profiles, very few on other pages, and we'll never put up pop-under, in-text or other intrusive forms of ads.

If you use ad blocking software, please consider adding to your exception list!

Try out HD, on-demand anime videos

We partnered with Crunchyroll to bring your favorite content here to watch on Anime-Planet. Crunchyroll offers premium memberships that give you access to ad-free, HD streams (which you can watch here on A-P!) and faster episodes of brand new anime. By signing up for a free trial through the link on Anime-Planet, you support Anime-Planet as well.

Get a free trial now!

Join the development team

We're always on the lookout for skilled developers and designers to join our all-volunteer, small development team. Specifically we're in need of people skilled in CSS/frameworks (we use Pure), especially if you're skilled with responsive designs; JQuery and Javascript; and would love to find someone who's very familiar with developing on XenForo (or is willing to learn quickly/immediately), so we can finally merge the site and forum.

We're looking specifically for people who have a good amount of time and would like to stay on the project long term (as opposed to only having a bit of time here and there). We work on a private Github repo.

If this interests you, please contact us and let us know your qualifications, any code samples, etc. ^_^

Get involved with site clubs

Finally, if you'd like a fun way to help out that involves meeting lots of people, consider joining one of our forum-based site clubs. These clubs are run by fellow Anime-Planet users who are dedicated to helping people and the site out.

  • A-P Welcoming Committee. These guys and gals spend each day helping welcome new members to the site - it's a great way to meet others and help newbies have a great first time experience! For more information, contact FullmetalDragon.
  • T.A.C.O. - The Anime-Planet Contributors Organization. TACO is one of our oldest clubs - its goal is to encourage people to participate with adding site content such as reviews and recommendations, rewarding "points" for each action (including making donations!). You can exchange your points for user-supplied rewards. For more information contact Kari5.