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When Tokidoki Rikugou donned a pair of virtual reality glasses and entered a Bakumatsu-era exhibit at a museum, he had no idea that his life would drastically change. While walking across a bridge in the fabricated reality, Tokidoki ran across a small being and a monster called a nue - and he was promptly attacked. His eye was damaged, but more importantly, Tokidoki discovered that he was now stuck inside the "virtual reality" filled with samurai and spirits. Now, with the help of Kuchiha, a warrior woman possessed by a dog spirit; and Shinonome, a fellow student who has been stuck, just like Tokidoki, for the past two years, Tokidoki must search for the truth behind the nue and try to find a way home.

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roriconfan Jan 21, 2012
Score 5/10

Sit down. Press play. Watch the song and the opening credits. Press pause when it finishes. Congratulations, you just watched the summary of Amatsuki.

As weird as it sounds, the plot of this anime is so small you can actually see all of it in the intro song. And I don’t even mean it repeats on every episode either. It really is just what the intro will show you and nothing more in terms of plot... read more

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Kamodo303 Jul 28, 2014
Score 3/10

I found that overall this anime was not bad to watch, but there is no ending.... The last episode is a flash back to explain something that happened like 6 episodes earlier.  I find that that was the most disapointing aspect of this anime. The plot was uncomplicated and simple, but that also made it easy to follow and easy to get drawn in at the same time... The low rating I gave was from the fact that it... read more

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