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Royalty Red-flagged Male Lead 🚩🚩🚩by saintSinsane

Royalty straight romance genre- 1. Toxic /shitty/ past life- cheater male leads 2. Possessive/ yandere/ obsessive male leads 3. Character development / no development

Monster Huntersby emerjas

These characters fight and kill monsters. They might specialize in hunting one type of monster, enter dungeons for their hunt, have superpowers for combat, or be a member of a hunter association.

Higurashi Watching Guideby GeminiRabbit

Recommended order for the Higurashi series.

Hajime No Ippo[fighting spirit] Chronological Orderby CHEM0007

I hope that it is helpful for the readers. Sometimes, the watch order might confuse us, but I tried to keep it as simple as possible. Watching the entire franchise in this order will definitely help you in the whole narrative as...

Manganovelby Meron

This is a complete list of every manga published in English MangaNovel. These are incomplete in English. MangaNovel went defunct in 2009.

Fairytale Inspired Storiesby pinkstrawberrymilk

Manga, manhua, or manhwa based on fairytales, that are fairytale-like, or have fairytale tropes. Could include isekai, historical, or modern genres.

Female Directorsby Buckylass

A list of female directors who have consistent directing works. Ordered according to the rough popularity of Anime-Planet.

Healthy BL Relationshipsby pinkstrawberrymilk

Healthy relationships that may not be perfect but are overall caring, sweet, wholesome. In main relationships have no abuse, malicious manipulation, etc. Includes manga, manhwa, and manhua.

Top who looks like Bottom or/and Bottom who looks like Topby MWXFPS

Bro idk i just like it switched up Pls tell me about more manhwas/manga/manhua like these, im all ears

Baki watching CHEM0007

This is the best Baki watch order because it follows the chronological and logical order of the manga and the Anime. The Baki anime series has six seasons and two OVAs, which adapt the first three parts of the manga. It shows the...