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Black Clover - Watching Guideby Halex

Guide for the manga story avoiding unnecessary fillers.

Shopkeepersby AnnaSartin

These characters own or manage their own shops. Shopkeepers can run a wide range of businesses, but this list does not include those who run restaurants or other eateries, nor does it include places where the business mainly...

Pharmacists, Herbalists, and Apothecaries in Mangaby AnnaSartin

The characters in these stories are pharmacists, herbalists, and apothecaries: people who specialize in making and/or dispensing drugs, herbs, or potions to patients to cure ailments. Pharmacies, hospitals, and drugstores are...

Birthmarkby AnimeJunkee

A list of characters who have one or more birthmarks on their body.

Infinite Flowby LupaLunae

Infinite flow is a tag on JJWXC referring to novels like Kaleidoscope of Death where people are summoned to unique spaces separate from the real world and have to complete tasks, generally stuff like puzzles, survival or horror...