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Licensed Euromangaby AnnaSartin

These licensed manga-like comics were written and drawn by European creators.

Anime With Catserviceby AnnaSartin

These anime aren't about cats, but they have at least one in it either as a mascot, a character's pet, or a cute kitty just keeps appearing randomly for whatever reason. Basically a list for catlovers who like a little...

Live Action OP/EDsby Kari5

Anime that have either a live action opening or ending sequence. See my other list for regular clips/photos in the anime itself.

Ookami BLby AnnaSartin

BL for wolf lovers! Yaoi and shounen-ai with wolf boys, wolf gods, werewolves, and anthropomorphic wolf men.

A Certain... Index / Railgun / Accelerator - Watching Guideby Halex

This is an easy anime series to get into as it has a little bit of everything from comedy to action to slice-of-life; all wrapped up with an interesting setting with cool superpowers and everything is well executed in terms of...