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Panicked Fishing image

Episode 1

Panicked Fishing

The Frustrating Uni Knot image

Episode 2

The Frustrating Uni Knot

Lonely Casting image

Episode 3

Lonely Casting

Angry Landing image

Episode 4

Angry Landing

Discouraged Jerking image

Episode 5

Discouraged Jerking

Horrified Splash image

Episode 6

Horrified Splash

Painful Countdown image

Episode 7

Painful Countdown

Joyous Fighting image

Episode 8

Joyous Fighting

Striking Underwater image

Episode 9

Striking Underwater

Our Tackle image

Episode 10

Our Tackle

Legend of the Big Fish image

Episode 11

Legend of the Big Fish

Goodbye Fishing image

Episode 12

Goodbye Fishing

Toyama Kankou Anime Project

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