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Show By Rock!! Legend of Shingan Crimsonz
Major 2nd: Second Season
The Infamous New Members image

Episode 1

The Infamous New Members

That Catcher's Got a Sharp Tongue image

Episode 2

That Catcher's Got a Sharp Tongue

What's With This Guy?! image

Episode 3

What's With This Guy?!

Captain Daigo image

Episode 4

Captain Daigo

Girl Power, Baseball-Style image

Episode 5

Girl Power, Baseball-Style

Backup image

Episode 6


Mutsuko's Special Training image

Episode 7

Mutsuko's Special Training

Extreme Small Ball image

Episode 8

Extreme Small Ball

No Freakin' Way! image

Episode 9

No Freakin' Way!

That Old Daigo Magic? image

Episode 10

That Old Daigo Magic?

Last Inning image

Episode 11

Last Inning

Cloudy, Then Rainy? image

Episode 12

Cloudy, Then Rainy?

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