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Demon King Daimao
A Demon King is Born image

Episode 1

A Demon King is Born

The Odd Observer! image

Episode 2

The Odd Observer!

The Scary Upperclassman! image

Episode 3

The Scary Upperclassman!

Is Solitary Fun? image

Episode 4

Is Solitary Fun?

Beware the Labyrinth! image

Episode 5

Beware the Labyrinth!

Let's Go to School by the Sea! image

Episode 6

Let's Go to School by the Sea!

The Legendary Hero Appears?! image

Episode 7

The Legendary Hero Appears?!

Do You Have A Crush? image

Episode 8

Do You Have A Crush?

Marriage Interview Chaos! image

Episode 9

Marriage Interview Chaos!

Akuto's Imperial Capital War! image

Episode 10

Akuto's Imperial Capital War!

The Girls' Final Battle image

Episode 11

The Girls' Final Battle

All Done? image

Episode 12

All Done?


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