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Princess Principal
Wired Liar image

Episode 1

Wired Liar

Dancy Conspiracy image

Episode 2

Dancy Conspiracy

Vice Voice image

Episode 3

Vice Voice

Roaming Pigeons image

Episode 4

Roaming Pigeons

Bullet & Blade's Ballad image

Episode 5

Bullet & Blade's Ballad

Loudly Laundry image

Episode 6

Loudly Laundry

Rouge Morgue image

Episode 7

Rouge Morgue

Pell-mell Duel image

Episode 8

Pell-mell Duel

Ripper Dipper image

Episode 9

Ripper Dipper

Comfort Comrade image

Episode 10

Comfort Comrade

Humble Double image

Episode 11

Humble Double

Fall of the Wall image

Episode 12

Fall of the Wall

Chu Feng Xiao Juchang: Shengli Shi Zhong Bagua Bu!

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