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  I have watched anime since I was about 4 or 5.  I fazed somewhat out of it for a while then was brought back by some of the improved newer anime.  Over the last 5 years alone, I have probably watched well over 10k episodes and maybe 15k or even 20k.  What I have listed as I have seen or reviewed is but a fraction of all I have perused.  I do not like cliches or feeling like a show is a mass manufactured product rather than a story or a work of art like it should be.  Sadly, anime has alot of both, but sadly also so does Western and American shows.  Hence, one of the earmarks for a good anime and a good review is anything that doesn't quite fall into over used cliches, or manufactured elements such as repetitive characters.  I bet I have seen a "Sephiroth" clone alone in animes at least a dozen times.  Other top manufactured characters are: the "childhood friend" (usually a girl); the perverted best male friend; the cocky arrogant drama queen leading character (usually male but now and then a female version shows up); the cute cool headed blonde girl who is either half Japanese (cause in many anime every thing and everyone must be at least part Japanese or take place in Japanese lands, even so called Western names sound more Japanese than Japanese citizens); there is also the clutz girl who is usually big breasted, cute, kind of smart and wear glasses; serious aloof weird girl character; and so on.  I could probably name dozens.  Though these descriptions are breif and you may not think re-used copies but they are.  They often look exactly the same but maybe one or two features change such as height, hair color, hair length, and weirdly often the same voices are used in template duplicate characters, but they are always the same type of character or in the same type of role or both.  Other boring manufactured elements are themes, specific genres, specific elements or situations like: Harem; tsundenere; under age students with guns; underage kids with no parental guidance; loli girls using magic; girls IN SCHOOL girl clothing fighting in wars on military fronts as if no men or adults can handle it and somehow school girl outfits are better military camoflage and armor (LOL); everything mech (be it a story about gods, aliens, magic, or so on there are always mechs in the most irrational settings); "I want to get stronger" (about the most common over used line in anime history or variations of it); incest; and rapists who make girls somehow love sex with them and so on.  Such things are tired, boring, cliched, over used, and unimaginative.  Using a little here and there isn't bad especially if there is something unique about it apart from everything being just parts added to a product on the assembly line.

One of the first great anime series "Battleship Yamoto", curiously is one of the most original.  I have rarely seen anything like it or close to it ever copied or turned cliche.  Too often I see lack of foreshadowing such as, I flip on an anime and feel like I already missed the first 5 episodes even though it is episode one.  You are thrown into the middle of a story without ever getting any kind of introduction as if somehow you should have known it psychically before you started watching.  Or the animators totally forget to create a setting.  If you make a story by default you will use real world knowledge so if a story is set in an alternate Earth history, it would be nice to know that: One - It is an alternate history; and Two - What is different about it from what we know?  These are basic things you learn in English and Compositoin or Grammar classes.

I do not know if I have any one favorite anime but among them so far with a hint of caution are "The Irregular at Magic High School" (it has some cliches but presented differently than average and features some of the best characters of any anime, but it will probably fall off the list if they pursue the implied incestuous vibes), "Happiness!" (Great and simple love story with a magic setting.  When is season 2?), Seraph of the End (Arguably the best vampire themed anime but may not be for long because I may drop it off the top due to the fact they are dragging a story like Stephan King, or making a simple short story too long by only adding extraneous fluff, aka in this case they keep you hanging on but never reward you like you dont see enough of their uses of unique powers), "Darker than Black" (I am not sure season two really is living up to season one though), Kaze No Stigma (great over all but now and then I get tired of Ayano's overly aggressive non persona tomboyish antics.  Doesn't she ever learn or grow?)

I look at anime with an artistic, critical, anime fan, movie buff/historian,  photographer, animator, literary, grammar, composition, film maker, and writer point of view.  

Tanya Degurechaff

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Epimondas Nov 5, 2019

Sure lolitaorcalover1456.

lolitaorcalover1456 Nov 2, 2019

hi want to be friends

Epimondas Aug 3, 2019

The dangaronpa I added to the offensive list a long while ago.  The reason for not commenting was because it was a while ago since I watched any episodes either and was in no hurry to watch again.  So the reason I added it isn’t fresh in mind but I think it had to do with treating disagreements between girls in such a stereotype like fashion and the odd way it depicts how quickly it lead to violence.  No need to attack me or my character over my opinion of what I saw, but the ladies I know usually don’t like being stereotyped.

If the reason is incorrect, apologies, I didn’t think such a trivial thing worth particularly committing the details of such to memory, so it’s only a vague recollection.

Epimondas May 15, 2019

I get annoyed when shows:

1.  Don’t follow story telling basic structures and rules

2.  Forget events or characteristics of characters and move on as if the new changes are relevant.

3.  Fall into cliche, trope, carbon copy hell

4.  Drastically alter events or characters against what the story established but without adequate plot, foreshadowing, foundation, or reason.

5.  Balance characters poorly, like how so many hero characters have flaws horrible enough to make enemies look more appealing.

I love ke when shows:

1.  Follow basic story etiquette, rules, structures because I won’t feel like they are clueless when flaws start to emerge.

2.  Keep consistency through the story and characters, radical changes without some kind of foundation, logic, fit within the structure and rules of the story itself, foreshadowing, or reasoning befitting the setting just looks like the writer is winging it without any direction or goals so how are fans supposed to understand a story the creator doesn’t?

3.  Be innovative, unique, original, or at least make the story stand out differently enough most of won’t slap our foreheads thinking “this again?”.

4.  Make characters appealing and interesting without undermining the kind of characters they are intended to be.  A good guy character or assaults women or steals from starving people doesn’t work as a good guy character.  Having a great many good abilities doesn’t mean the character needs some unrealistic horrible quality to balance it.  Bad guy characters don’t need to always have some sympathy or lame misconstrued excuse for hating the world.  Don’t try to feed me bull and claim they have a valid reason because it looks so dumb, foolish, halfhearted, and fake, sure bad guys can have a reason but don’t always try t preach to me it’s excusable and shove it down my ears like I’m supposed to understand or sympathize.  It’s pathetic to constantly make weak excuses why bad people are bad.  Don’t justify it, give us background story or reasons but not something to make what’s bad somehow good.  This is why some of the worst most evil characters are somehow forgiven with no consequences and join good guys.  No thanks, it should at least make sense.

5.  Use setting, foundation, foreshadowing, reasoning, logic and rules and structures as established by the story itself to lay clues to future events and developments without randomly pulling events and changes literally out of nowhere and expect the audiences to accept the nonsensical.  If you don’t lay groundwork, not only will you look incompetent but reading or watching the story will become increasingly difficult cause the fan won’t understand the all to conveniently placed changes.  There’s a reason why movies like “Head” and some rpgs in very flopped, randomly throwing things together make as much sense as randomly typing buttons on a keyboard to program a new game or app.

There are a few other little things that intrigue or discourage me, but most are offshoots of theses basic principles.

DoodlebugFour Apr 13, 2019

Also I think you might like Project ARMS despite me giving the anime a 6.3 (Would have been higher had the 2nd season been properly adapted since the Manga was still finishing up back when it 1st aired). Ryo is a likeable and mature cinnamon roll (especially later on in the manga), Hayato can actually be chill, funny, and even chivalrous despite being a foul mouthed deliquent with a short temper, Takeshi actually grows out of his wimpy demeanor early on thanks to Ryo's words and is actually the most well adjusted and introverted member with the most normal family life, and Kei is a Tsundere who's trust issues are pretty understandable and is just as vulnerable and flawed as the other guys and makes the effort to get along with them and learns there is a difference being leading and being a leader. Even Ryo's best friend/love interest Katsumi has hidden depth to her character despite being presented as a clingy "naggy housewife" BF early on. And Yugo, despite coming off as somewhat of a doormat at her introduction, grows to be more proactive and self independent overtime, even if its all for a guy she knows she could never be with.