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  I have watched anime since I was about 4 or 5.  I fazed somewhat out of it for a while then was brought back by some of the improved newer anime.  Over the last 5 years alone, I have probably watched well over 10k episodes and maybe 15k or even 20k.  What I have listed as I have seen or reviewed is but a fraction of all I have perused.  I do not like cliches or feeling like a show is a mass manufactured product rather than a story or a work of art like it should be.  Sadly, anime has alot of both, but sadly also so does Western and American shows.  Hence, one of the earmarks for a good anime and a good review is anything that doesn't quite fall into over used cliches, or manufactured elements such as repetitive characters.  I bet I have seen a "Sephiroth" clone alone in animes at least a dozen times.  Other top manufactured characters are: the "childhood friend" (usually a girl); the perverted best male friend; the cocky arrogant drama queen leading character (usually male but now and then a female version shows up); the cute cool headed blonde girl who is either half Japanese (cause in many anime every thing and everyone must be at least part Japanese or take place in Japanese lands, even so called Western names sound more Japanese than Japanese citizens); there is also the clutz girl who is usually big breasted, cute, kind of smart and wear glasses; serious aloof weird girl character; and so on.  I could probably name dozens.  Though these descriptions are breif and you may not think re-used copies but they are.  They often look exactly the same but maybe one or two features change such as height, hair color, hair length, and weirdly often the same voices are used in template duplicate characters, but they are always the same type of character or in the same type of role or both.  Other boring manufactured elements are themes, specific genres, specific elements or situations like: Harem; tsundenere; under age students with guns; underage kids with no parental guidance; loli girls using magic; girls IN SCHOOL girl clothing fighting in wars on military fronts as if no men or adults can handle it and somehow school girl outfits are better military camoflage and armor (LOL); everything mech (be it a story about gods, aliens, magic, or so on there are always mechs in the most irrational settings); "I want to get stronger" (about the most common over used line in anime history or variations of it); incest; and rapists who make girls somehow love sex with them and so on.  Such things are tired, boring, cliched, over used, and unimaginative.  Using a little here and there isn't bad especially if there is something unique about it apart from everything being just parts added to a product on the assembly line.

One of the first great anime series "Battleship Yamoto", curiously is one of the most original.  I have rarely seen anything like it or close to it ever copied or turned cliche.  Too often I see lack of foreshadowing such as, I flip on an anime and feel like I already missed the first 5 episodes even though it is episode one.  You are thrown into the middle of a story without ever getting any kind of introduction as if somehow you should have known it psychically before you started watching.  Or the animators totally forget to create a setting.  If you make a story by default you will use real world knowledge so if a story is set in an alternate Earth history, it would be nice to know that: One - It is an alternate history; and Two - What is different about it from what we know?  These are basic things you learn in English and Compositoin or Grammar classes.

I do not know if I have any one favorite anime but among them so far with a hint of caution are "The Irregular at Magic High School" (it has some cliches but presented differently than average and features some of the best characters of any anime, but it will probably fall off the list if they pursue the implied incestuous vibes), "Happiness!" (Great and simple love story with a magic setting.  When is season 2?), Seraph of the End (Arguably the best vampire themed anime but may not be for long because I may drop it off the top due to the fact they are dragging a story like Stephan King, or making a simple short story too long by only adding extraneous fluff, aka in this case they keep you hanging on but never reward you like you dont see enough of their uses of unique powers), "Darker than Black" (I am not sure season two really is living up to season one though), Kaze No Stigma (great over all but now and then I get tired of Ayano's overly aggressive non persona tomboyish antics.  Doesn't she ever learn or grow?)

I look at anime with an artistic, critical, anime fan, movie buff/historian,  photographer, animator, literary, grammar, composition, film maker, and writer point of view.  

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Epimondas Feb 27, 2020

Well this list is only "most likely" and not absolute.  

Anime probably won't show every aspect of a character's life, so if one see several characteristics in line with autism, you could extrapolate there might be more.  It's possible some characters are meant to be uncertain f they actually are or not to give broader appeal.  Sousuke is shown pretty like that from childhood before he joins that military unit.  It doesn't show since birth.  His rough life since an early age may suggest something more like ptsd or characteristics similar to Todd in the live action movie "Soldier".  At the very least, these characters can be said to have autism like qualities.

SpectrumMovies Feb 27, 2020

Okay, I will admit that external context that was negated in the adaptation is a point, but from a perspective of only viewing the anime (I'm just wired that way, no offense to source material), there is less to go on. I have also found that veterans or anyone with a military background can be mistaken for being autistic as they have similar details, so Sousuke might be a misinterpretation. I can't say anything for "Irregular at Magic High School" since I only started, but the number of characters alone on this list seems less than believable, unless the author did make it like so. 

Also, your isekai candidates could fall through in certain parts. Isekais do give a sense of how autistics feel in real life, though most of them would still be neurotypical. Natsuki, I can see a better argument; Kazuma........ I still can't grasp that one. 

Tsubaki from "Soul Eater" has a higher chance. Death still seems more OCD than autistic. I think Crona has a higher chance than Death, though I think his childhood might factor more into that.

The Atsushi & Kyouka reason makes sense, though it is hard to tell via the anime.

There are just so many different give-aways that need more detail in order to more defenitely tell that the person does or does not have autism and to only have a few can be very misleading. 

Epimondas Feb 17, 2020

Happiness!  Is a romance story with magic.  I like it cause it connects love and happiness to magic and the story is so cute, sweet, innocent, and with the right blend of mystery and even realistic believability that just makes it memorable enough that I can overlook much of the cheap nature of the anime adaptation.  It's not perfect.  I also love the opening and closing as both the songs and the video so perfectly match the story you'd almost swear there was divine intervention.  It's charming, campy, and quirky but it's such a good story it's hard to dismiss.  I'll admit, the backstory to one of the main characters presented near the end is a bit unrealistic and unbelievable but then I can kind of see it if I imagine there's a bit more to the story that the animators weren't able to fit in with time constraints.  A few scenes are badly cheap and look it, but it has fairly strong likable characters; a great story; and it easily hit several of my personal quirks, pet peeves, and interests so I gave it a wider berth than I would most anime.  Like Rosario, though no where near as bad, it could be redone much better and with a slightly higher budget.

Moka is honestly, WORLDS better in the manga.  She's a much deeper more complicated and well rounded character with things like weaknesses glaringly absent in the anime.  In fact, her solution to over coming or working around one of her weaknesses is what literally MAKES the story and not only makes it but makes it the super awesome story it becomes.  Her conflicted issues surrounding the consequences of her actions to work around said weaknesses really gives the story the meat of its drama.  I can't tell you what it is as it would unfairly give too much away but it's easily a great AHA moment.  It happens between chapter 8 and 11 and it's the beginning of what really makes the story work and be so addicting.

CrimsonCondor Feb 16, 2020

I will be sure to check out some of your lists! I agree Saegusa is the best fit for Tatsuya. I find it lame how Miyuki was literally designed to be his perfect match yet she is easily not, not to mention she has no depth other than this fact. I have heard the manga for Rosario is way better than the anime, which is great because the anime was total garbage. Moka was an awesome character but was terribly executed in the adaptation, unfortunately. I may try the manga just to see the well-written version of her. I have heard of everything you mentioned, including Happiness, and while I doubt I will find the show to be anything special, I do want to try it. Is it a slice-of-life with some supernatural aspects?

Epimondas Feb 16, 2020

Even a character I don't like, gets WAY more development in the novels and he's almost a cool character despite his ahole nature.  He's the leader of the bullies Tatsuya meets in the park.  In a side story, he saves a stranger from a gang/mafia and gets into some good fights.  Saegusa is the best match for Tatsuya.

Well the pics on on profile are a good hint.  I like the anime and manga of Iruma.  As an anime, it's doing what the Rosario anime failed to do even if Rosario might be a slightly better story.  Mostly cause the cast of characters and types of monsters are far broader and so far, the lead character developed better, more, and in cooler ways.  

 I have lusts of all my favorite things by category such as best anime on my custom lists.

This year I'm liking Darwin's game, Seton Academy, and Iruma.  They may not be faves overall yet

Darker than Black is another fave anime with a character like a grown college age version of Tatsuya.  Similar quirks, personality, skills, and top notch power.

Happiness! Is another favorite though it's low budget with a few cheesy scenes, it's overall theme about magic and finding a childhood first love on Valentine's Day is uniquely cool plus, it falls into the hidden power category too..

Iruma as mentioned is likely to end up on my fave anime list.  I predicted even before episode one that it had the potential to be one of the best anime ever if not the best and so far I don't see that prediction being completely wrong.

I like fantasy, magic, action, and some comedy mostly.  If it's too normal than I dsee the point since I can just experience real life and get it trouble free.  My fave subcategory is hidden power.  Most my favorites fall into hidden postbox genre.  

Rosario is probably my fave manga atm but a few others I'm recently reading are in the running.  One of the best novels is probably Senketsu no Elf.  The revenge drama is as compelling and deep as a classic novel.  I could name several other favorites and runners up by quite a few categories but I think looking at the list is the most efficient way as there are quite a few I like.