Gender: Female
Hair Color: None
Rank #1,581
Rank #19,473

Anime Roles

So I'm a Spider, So What? Main

Manga Roles

So I'm a Spider, So What? Main
So I'm a Spider, So What? (Light Novel) Main

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DarkVeghetta Nov 14, 2023

She's a fantastic character, but I'd like to touch upon her English VA for a moment.

Since I'm rewatching the first few episodes in English (saw them originally in Japanese a few years ago), I've come to realize her VA also voices the English version of Genshin Impact's Hu Tao. Given their repective personalities, this is strangely fitting and I can't help but smirk even more when hearing her spaz out.

AlexAlfred Dec 11, 2022

I love her mainly because I can relate to her past life as Wakaba. Watching her trying her best to survive and transform in isekai is absolutely enjoyable and emotional for me.

Well, she talks a ton of trash and becomes too optimistic but it's alright considering how she's living among solitude and hostility in isekai most of the time. No one is perfect. I can also understand why she has to use parallel mind in extreme to talk to herself like that to keep herself company.

Dawnfaux Mar 30, 2022

I know it's probably an unpopular opinion, but I just couldn't like her much. She talks a lot, really fast, and I think I just wasn't a fan. I didn't hate her, but I did find her insanely annoying in both the dub and sub. 

souless123 Dec 26, 2021

dead ass dont know what too say but damn what a god damn god of a character and also

s p i d e r       w a i f u