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crazyWeeb Nov 27, 2022

There is no way this isn't a troll account

Ashtauriel Oct 16, 2022

You do realize that Yu Yu Hakusho was published 8 years before Naruto was published, right?

NotBlueberry Sep 24, 2022

suck my ass, you well-written characters hater, youre an immature piece of shit, ill throw u in a dumpster and set it on fire.

you are def a minor if not, ur brain stayed at 10 yr olds while ur body grew u fucking anime hater go back to watching porn AHh shows on shithead.

go suck sasuke's dick, i hope u deepthroat it and die on the spot.

why are you even in this website if youre gonna dislike every fucking character for no reason without watching the show, youre absolute dogshit dude.

whether youre a troll or not u got such bad taste that even a lifeless being could surpass your tastes .

u braindead sasuke extreme simping stan get a life please lol
pathetic boomer simp

pianful Sep 11, 2022

GO back to watching your porn shows, i saw your watched anime  hoe

Gray404 Sep 5, 2022

that account though