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Endoow21 Jan 12, 2024

you're not allowed to talk when you have a sasuke pp

velveteen25 Jan 1, 2024

says the one with a sasuke pfp lol

randomguy87 Oct 25, 2023

Made TAS look like a reasonable person in comparison.

Eikolandianball Jul 29, 2023

when 2038 or more where is sasukesreincarnation who always hates and the other ones who got rid of Eiko oh probably they got exterminated sing with me come and celebrate with me my friends the haters got exterminated come and celebrate with me my friends God is just God is really just

Eikolandianball Jul 29, 2023

You will die on 2038 you are a true idiot speccially for Eiko Nakaoka because when i make eikolands you will be exterminated like the victims of Rwanda Genocide so you will pay and suffer the rage of lots of your haters and i am one of them and hear me crackhead hate for likeable and lovely characters and the more and more you hate just causes more hate angainst you Pevert,Super Hater,and Hitler