So I'm a Spider, So What? (Light Novel)

Alt title: Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? (Light Novel)

Vol: 16; Ch: 384
2015 - 2022
4.339 out of 5 from 683 votes
Rank #226
So I'm a Spider, So What? (Light Novel)

I used to be a normal high school girl but in the blink of an eye, I woke up in a place I've never seen before and-and I was reborn as a spider?! How could something that's nothing more than a tiny spider (that's me) possibly survive in literally the worst dungeon ever? Are there no rules? There should be some rules! Who the hell is responsible for this? SHOW YOUR FACE!

Source: Yen Press

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I binge read through all 11 english novels and I'm not super proud of myself for doing so. I simply LOVE the charcters! Every single one seems to get their own backstories and fun little sideplots that make the whole situation more enjoyable. Of course, everyone loves Wakaba (Unless?? haha), for her daring stratedgies and impossible situations she gets put into. After voume 4, she isn't on her own anymore (like she was with the parallel minds huh?) and she gets to interact and learn more about the interesting characters around her (Like WRATH and Julius). Even the voiceless characters have their own personalities (though we never see from their perspective).  The story is told entirely though perspective, most of the time its MC though it does wander to other Characters like Julius (in VOL 11). This makes it a bit difficult to understand sometimes, but everyone has nicknames for everyone else in their minds so picking up on those makes it easier to understand who's perspective we're listening to. There's also multiple different timelines sometimes, so it gets especially hard to realize what goes on when sometimes. The human side of the story (the special chapters) usually happen in the future (with Shun and Katia) though sometimes we see the perspective of the Demons and the Old Wizard dude (I forget his name but he gets naked for a volume). 8/10 because it can be hard to follow. There isn't much art to speak of because it's a light novel, but the illistrations that ARE there are super helpful for grasping the situation sometimes. Also, must give love to the catfish monsters. 10/10. 

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