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I am Ka0nonymous (formerly limeskydemon). Thanks for taking your time to view my profile. :)

You're welcome to follow me but I like to keep my followers and following equal so if you're going to unfollow please save my OCD soul the hassle.


It all started with Skip Beat! and Ouran High when my sister introduced them to me in primary school (or elementary, whatever you call it). I really liked both series but my sister never let me watch it in full because I was young at the time and there were some questionable parts as both of these are aimed at a teenage audience.

A few years later I read my first shoujo manga Fruits Basket as the whole series was in the library at school. And then I managed to get free internet and decided to watch the rest of Skip Beat! and Ouran High. Then I searched Haruhi in Google and found The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and from there I went crazy... 









My favourite anime are mostly dark and depressing such as Mirai Nikki and Elfen Lied or basically anything that can make me cry... so Clannad and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. My favourites for the following genres are Romance: Kamisama Kiss and Maid Sama!, Comedy: Gakuen Babysitters and Ghost Stories (Dub) I also love Kakegurui and of course Fullmetal Alchemist.

But funnily enough MY FAVOURITE ANIME OF ALL TIME IS: Saiki Kusuo no Sainan which is a gag, a genre that I'm not necessarily fond of

Mainly because Hiroshi Kamiya is my bae and I could watch almost anything if he is the VA. P.S. Aiura is best girl

If you see my tracker you would notice that I read an equal amount of manga as I watch anime and a lot of people are starting to read manga to avoid spoilers, which I can't recommended enough. But seriously shoujo manga is so cute and rarely get adapted as anime so if you ever get the chance, read some :)

But anyway, enough about me. Let me know what your favourite anime and manga series are and leave a comment below :)

~ Ka0nonymous

P.S. Sorry (not sorry) for going crazy on the gifs.

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osaka Feb 24, 2021

I mean- I know anohana the flower we saw that day but- I haven't watched it yet even tho I wanted for so freaking long haha

And It is on my anime watch list to watch soon so I hope so in a few days I will be able to see it I guess? <3

And I have tha same 'rule' that is why I am waiting for sk8 the infinity to end so I can watch it haha- same with Horimiya :P

good taste! about characters <3 I know all of the characters you mentioned and I also love them all!!! So I am glad to hear we like similar thing I guess?
Jabami Yumeko is amazing but something in her is a little bit annoying for me idk what but- overall she is amazing haha but I still prefer Kirari or Itsuki or Honebami even tho shevwas in like few episodes only haha

Oh- that is a hard question because I have A LOT of favourite couples haha but i think my best are- howl and sophie from Howl's moving castle, hiro and zero two from darling in the franxx, yuri katsuki and victor nikiforov from yuri on ice!!, shizuku and yoshida from my little monster, and o my freaking god- izuhara and shinba and and- hirotaka and narumi and hanako and kabakura arghsghsghsg I love too much :<<< but obviously I love all of the couples you mentioned too!

And I would not even talk about characters I ship because there are too freaking much that I would be talking about that do death omfg- hahaha sry- :/

No- sadly I do not know them :<< I think so :/ haha (sometimes I forgot about nicknames of youtubers, gamers etc xDDD)

LUCIIIIII Feb 22, 2021

Hii thank you sm for recommending I havent watched most of the ones you recommended so I will check them out soon!!  ^^Ah sorry, its just my taste is really all over the place  (will read anything that is good, but I would say that I enjoy more adventure or slice of life, or romance or...?? I actually dont know haha) ^^

Oh, thank you I will check your Anime list to see if their is something I enjoy there too ^^
Happy Smile GIF - Happy Smile Anime - Discover & Share GIFs | Anime, Kawaii  anime, Animation

osaka Feb 21, 2021

ah- omg- I'm so sorry- I rarely read bios because they often are super long but I'm sorry- I read it now tho and now I know :<<

And my favourite shows are definitely Kiznaiver, darling in the franxx, howl's moving castle, bungou stray dogs and kakegurui maybe?? But I would not say it is the best. The first 3 are for me the best I’ve ever seen! <3  But it is of course hard to choose becuase I mostly enjoyed all of the anime I've watched :>

And from manga i think my number ones are wotakoi: love is hard for otaku and karasugaoka don't be shy!! But I also love kuroshitsuji, my little monster, haganai: I don't have many friends, re: zero, bakemonogatari and devils and realists. 

And mine favourite characters are i think I would say from males- Howl from howl's moving castle, Dazai Osamu from bungous stray dogs but I prefer him when he was in port mafia and not in agency, Gojo Satoru maybe? from jujutsu kaisen, Daisuke Kanbe from fugou keiji: balance: unlimited and from female characters- zero two from darling in the franxx, Kirari Mmomobami from kakegurui, Violet Evergarden from Violet Evergadren xD maybe?, Susamaru- she is a demon from kimetsu no yaiba and the best demon ever- Spider mother also from demon slayer! <3

Haha sorry- I wrote too much, but for me it is also hard to choose because I have like- favourite character from basically any anime I've watched. It would take forever to list all my favourites haha 

and actually pink is not my favourite color hahaha I just think it looks cute with anime and manga. I mean- I like pink but I prefer for example purple ^^
But tbh when I was younger I hated pink but now I like this color :P

And Do you have maybe favourite video game? If you of course play them? <3

osaka Feb 21, 2021

hey hey! Thank you so much for follow! Hope you have a good day/night/evening?! So- which is your favourite manga or anime if I can ask?? :D

Or maybe you have your favourite character??