Gender: Female
Hair Color: Grey
Rank #3,956
Rank #8,386
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Anime Roles

Fruits Basket 1st Season Minor
Fruits Basket 2nd Season Secondary
Fruits Basket the Final Season Secondary

Manga Roles

Fruits Basket Minor
Fruits Basket Another Minor

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sassykillua Aug 17, 2022

It's not that i dislike her but tbh she really wasn't in the anime in the 1st seasons. She just came out of nowwhere. I'm not a shipper of yuki × tohru cuz love tringle isn't something i'm a fan of, so i was very glad that he wasn't in love with tohru just to get hurt in the end. But that fangirl really seemed more in love with yuki than machi. So yuki × machi's ship is a bit off. Their relationship happened so abruptly. She should've appeared even earlier. We didn't get to see much development cuz of their less time together

YutaKawaii98 Jun 2, 2022

Her parents are dumbasses, Machi deserves better.

lunchablecracker Feb 25, 2022


First of all, to the people calling her boring, she is a secondary character, so of course she was not as fleshed out as the main characters! Also, she is very interesting. The whole thing about her being "boring" is a part of her character! SHE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE OPINIONS OR A PERSONALITY so when the time came for her to step out into real life, she had nothing! She called herself "a void"! That's what makes her interesting. The fact that her whole life, she was forced to fit this certain mold and she spent so long perfecting everything about herself according to her parents' wishes, only to be told that "maybe she was raised wrong", which is very distressing! She was basically told that the version of herself that she is is wrong and shouldn't exist!

Also, SHE DID NOT SINK A SHIP. Yuki saw Tohru as a mother figure, something which, looking back at the 1st & 2nd seasons, you can kind of see! He went to Tohru for comfort but he saw a partner in Machi! All her life, Machi was never allowed to have any opinions and she was never given the opportunity to define who she was according to herself, but Yuki allowed her to do that! He asked for her input and he treated her not like a pet or a weirdo but as a person.

(Also, that scene where Machi sees the perfect chalk and is about to panic but Yuki breaks one without a second thought?? I think about it all the time. Hands down one of the softest moments of the series for me)

SuzumiyaHaruhiID Jan 23, 2022

Her flashbacks is one of the most tragic story in this series. 

I feel sorry for her

Nemurin238 Jan 14, 2022

I honestly don't get the hate for her. I mean shippers who think that Yuki x Machi broke the Tohru x Yuki and dislike her because of that is just wrong and toxic. For me, she is a great example of a background characters that doesn't need to be one of the main character or a Sohma to get more development. (especially with Saki and Arisa). 


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