So I'm a Spider, So What?

Alt title: Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?

Vol: 13+; Ch: 68+
2015 - ?
4.264 out of 5 from 4,100 votes
Rank #499
So I'm a Spider, So What?

I was your average, everyday high school girl, but now I've been reborn in a magical a spider?! Wait-this isn't how these stories are supposed to go! Can I get a do-over? ...No? But how am I supposed to survive in this big, scary dungeon as one of the weakest monsters? It's "every spider for herself " in here! I gotta figure out the rules to this QUICK, or I'll be kissing my short second life good-bye... 

Source: Yen Press

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What starts out as one of the better "isekai" mangas out there, slowly turns repetitive and what could have been a great manga turns in to a "more of the same"story, with constant rinse and repeat of the same threads. Whilst those problems wouldn't be a deal breaker for me in and of themselves, coupled with the fact that there's no real supporting cast so far, I found it difficult to hold interest. There's other problems, like the complete lack of relevance of any of the stats presented, why even bother with showing any of that, if the stats themselves hold little relevance in combat ? All in all, there are a lot of smaller issues with it, there's too many skills dumped on the players, most of which are irrelevant, often times less is more, too bad the author did not keep that in mind. The story is fairly typical for the genre, something vague happens and the main character gets transported in to a new world, although as opposed to the majority of these mangas, the character is basically born as a monster, a spider in this case. From there it follows vaguely familiar rules of rpg games, with a leveling system and all that comes with it. The initial reaction she has, and in general the main character as a whole is surprisingly well written, I really do like the heroine, unfortunately that is all we have, and it does get old. There is some character development, but given the limited scope of what accounts for the immediate world around her, this really needed more characters and/or a faster change of scenery. The recent attempt at having something akin to supporting characters is honestly insulting and one of the worst developments in the story so far, at least for me. There's nothing exceptional visually, but I don't have much to complain either. I love the expressiveness of the spider and its general cute appearance. The background is fairly bland and lacking at times, however it fits with the setting so I'll give that a pass. Overall this isn't a final/full review per say, having read only 22 chapters it would be harsh to say I've given up on it, it has time to recover and I hope to see more of a change of pace in the future, I just have to question how likely it will start fixing its recent issues, especially given what has been revealed of the world so far.


This was the first isekai manga I read, so it holds a bit of a soft spot for me. Our spider protagonist is drawn really cutesy. The dragons aren't drawn all that well. The art is simple, but it works to make the story seem more lighthearted. With its themes of cannibalism and mass death, it could easily have a dark overtone, but it manages to stay more fun. A lot of the humor comes from having the spider (metaphorically) dressed up in human clothes, in what I assume are references to other anime, and doing silly poses and stuff. It's basically all internal dialogue, since for a large portion of the story, it's just our singular character dealing with other monsters. Later, fe gets a Parallel Minds skill which lets fem literally talk with femself and a few other characters are also introduced, but the manga isn't really about the characters. It feels like the readers are meant to project themselves onto the spider since feir personality seems pretty generically otaku. I'm actually impressed that the story is able to maintain a sense of intensity to the fight scenes, even after the spider gets to the point of being ridiculously overpowered. Fe is always in a state of desperation and near death, with gaping holes in feir torso and missing limbs by the end of the battles. Fe uses tactics and every trick fe can think of to overcome feir disadvantages and eke out victories. Defeating opponents gives fem experience points and after reaching a certain threshold, fe will level up and all of feir damage will be healed. The manga also puts a large amount of focus on keeping track of the various skills gained. I do think I find myself more invested in the skill growth than in some other isekai manga, though it's still not as though I'm able to care about all the different skills being leveled up. Early on, we see that some skills activate something called "Taboo" which is never supposed to be leveled up, and it creates a nice sense of tension since we don't know what'll happen once Taboo reaches Level 10 (the level when skills upgrade). In chapter 23, the idea of Administrators is introduced and that gave this story a larger sense of focus and intrigue. Beyond mere survival or vague ideas like leaving the labyrinth or coexisting with humans, our spider is starting to formulate an actual game plan. This battle that fe's currently involved in feels pretty climactic and intense, so I'm not sure what type of confrontation they'll follow it up with or how long it'll take, but I'm along for the ride. [Reviewed at chapter 46]

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