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Extremely Popular BL Webtoons

If you are a BL lover and have not heard of these webtoons, please alert someone and let them know to rent an emergency crane to help lift up the rock you've been living under. Then once you've dusted off, feel free to check out some of these popular series that have become widely-known in the BL community over the years. ^_^ Listed by rating, with the highest-ranked titles first. Those with one or more free chapters available on Anime-Planet (may only be available in certain regions) are noted below, along with licensing information.
1 Here U Are

Here U Are

University setting. A realistic series by the popular and talented Djun, a prolific gay creator from China. You can follow him on his Twitter here.

2 Sign


Sweet and smutty series about a guy who falls in love with his deaf boss after developing a fetish for his deep, sexy voice.

3 King's Maker

King's Maker

A young prince is suddenly brought to his father's palace to live - and learns that his father is both a tyrant and a child molester. Determined to get rid of the king, he plots to overthrow him with the aid of a brilliant teenage boy who was forced to become one of the pedophile's many enslaved catamites. Together, the boys strive to build a better kingdom for everyone and fall in love in the process.

4 Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Estranged childhood friends who - after ten years - make up, fall in love and grow into adulthood together.

5 BJ Alex

BJ Alex

Wasn't a fan of Alex, but the fact that almost 30,000 people here have read or are currently reading it makes me wonder if I should give it another try.

6 Heaven Official's Blessing

Heaven Official's Blessing

A slow-burn romance between a kind but unlucky god and a powerful ghost king by the world-famous danmei novelist Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. This beautiful webtoon has god-tier level art by the very talented STARember.

7 The Master of Diabolism

The Master of Diabolism

Cultivation fantasy. Another adaptation of one of Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's well-known works.

8 Castle Swimmer

Castle Swimmer

OEL featuring two young mermen tied together by a bloody prophecy.

9 Love Shuttle

Love Shuttle

A sexy omegaverse about an unconventional omega and the alpha coworker who falls in love with him.

10 Walk on Water

Walk on Water

The tale of a bodyguard-turned-porn star.

11 Out of Control

Out of Control

School setting. Classic case of opposites attract.

12 At the End of the Road

At the End of the Road

A body-swapping school story about childhood friends.

13 Blood Bank

Blood Bank

For lovers of BDSM who like pretty boy vampire subs.

14 Love Is An Illusion

Love Is An Illusion

An oddly addicting omegaverse mpreg with the cutest baby ever. You can also follow the creator Fargo here on Twitter, where she often posts random art of her characters.

15 Painter of the Night

Painter of the Night

A historical piece about a smutty artist.

16 Blood Link

Blood Link

If you don't get enough mpreg from omegaverse stories, here's a non-omegaverse one with vampires instead brought to you by 'Brothers Without a Tomorrow'.

17 The Unquenchable Mr. Kim

The Unquenchable Mr. Kim

  • Licensed by: Tapas (license expired as of June 29, 2022)

A smutty workplace romance featuring vampires. Also known by the title 'K's Secret'

18 Killing Stalking

Killing Stalking

You've heard of Killing Stalking. Your mother has heard of Killing Stalking. Even your dog has probably heard of Killing Stalking. Whether or not you should actually READ Killing Stalking is another matter. It's about as cheerful as your mother loading you up in the family car and running over your dog before driving off a cliff just to make sure the three of you never have to look at Killing Stalking. If dark, depressing, and fucked up stories are your thing, however, this one might be just the webtoon for you. 

19 A Guy Like You

A Guy Like You

Not gonna lie, I despised these characters. But clearly there are plenty of people who disagree with me since this is one of the most read BL titles on this site.

20 Make Me Bark

Make Me Bark

A poor man becomes a rich guy's human pet.


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