King's Maker

Ch: 37
4.539 out of 5 from 485 votes
Rank #92
King's Maker

Wolfgang Goldenleonard, the 4th Prince of the kingdom, returns to the palace after years of living in hiding. He rejects everything about his new royal life, but is intrigued by the mysterious and dutiful Shin Soohyuk, a catamite of the King. As Wolfgang slowly opens up and learns the ways of the palace, Soohyuk begins to see something special about the wild, unkempt, and stubborn young prince. He might just be the one Soohyuk has been waiting for... the one who could light the flame of rebellion.

Source: Lezhin

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Thebirbhunter125 Dec 13, 2018
Score 8.5/10

story- this manga is one of my favorites in the no genre. The story is great, and is hard to put down after you begin reading. The plot is a main focus and doesn’t feel like an after thought to the BL. Art- the art is nice but nothing super memorable. Although, the difference in how all the characters looked was great. characters- this is what sticks outs the most to me from kings maker.  The... read more



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