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2021 - ?
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Dowon has a problem. His neighbor, Beom, seems awfully rude, but he’s infuriatingly gorgeous. And the completely ridiculous cherry on top? Beom turns out to be Dowon’s all-time favorite camboy, which only adds to the (sexual) frustration. Beom is a metaphorical pain in Dowon’s ass, and Dowon would like to return the favor physically, thank you very much. So, Dowon has a problem—in his pants. The question is, how is he going to solve it? You’ll find out the answer if you crank the volume up, and watch very, very closely…

Source: Lezhin

Includes extra chapters.

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This shit is genuinely so good. The characters' story, the visuals, the bedroom scenes--all of it, just. *chef's kiss* Go read it. The Characters: Firstly, they're gorgeous beyond words. You've seen the cover art, you know this already. They're not unreasonably attractive without explanation, though-- the main character works out religiously everyday, and the love interest is a gym rat who has to maintain his attractiveness for his livelihood. They also come across as very genuine. Although their stories are a little fantastical, they still feel like they could be real. The chemistry between them is off the charts, too. They genuinely care about each other, and it tugs on your heartstrings to see them be so obviously and wholly in love with one another while their personal issues add fuel to the fire. Watching them dance around each other is as frustrating as it is sweet--they're both so earnest and genuine. This is one novel where saying, "I'm reading for the story" is believable and accurate. The Story: The main couple in the story are both unique individuals with their own issues to work through. This makes for quite the interesting story, where watching them grow and interact is enthralling. (Not much of a story per se, but I'd argue that it has much, much more of a story than most romance novels, or most novels in general. No shade to them, though, not being plot-driven isn't a bad thing.) The Art: I'm not an artist, so I don't have much to say here. It just looks pretty to me, and I enjoy the way the characters are illustrated.  The Seggsy: Oh boy, do I have much to say here. Like you, probably, the smut is the whole reason I started reading this. And man. It did not disappoint, far from it--this series genuinely has some of the best (if not the best) scenes I've seen. It was quite refreshing. First of all, it's all consensual. No gray area, both the participants are completely, 100% into it. All of it. One time, one does try to convince the other, but stops when the other says to, and there's never an inkling that the recipient is at all uncomfortable. Clear communication is quite prominent here. Another thing I appreciate is that the BDSM scenes are treated with the gravity they deserve. So many similar novels take it very lightly, and that sets my teeth on edge, because there's a lot that goes into prepping for those kinds of scenes, and trust is so, so important. Here, both characters trust and love each other. The top is also shown to be taking care of the bottom afterwards, which, once again, is very important. The sex in general is also not treated casually or lightly, it's given importance in their relationship and brings them closer (nothing wrong with casual sex, it's just different here). It's featured quite heavily, and with good reason. I was reallly rather impressed, as so much of this genre glorifies unhealthy relationships and dynamics in the bedroom. There's also the added bonus that it's just really hot. Definitely worth reading.

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