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A Guy Like You

Jun 17, 2018

While the art isn't bad for this webcomic and it has been interesting enough for me to consume 64 chapters in one day, I have to say A Guy Like You has two major flaws.

Firstly, the primary and secondary characters for this series are seriously annoying. All four of them. We've got Kang Jinha, a moody fellow who is hurt that his childhood friend, Siwon Go, doesn't remember him. So he decides to lash out and hurt Siwon right back. Because that's a sure-fire way to win someone's heart, right? Instead of, you know, EXPLAINING WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. And even when they move past that, he continues to hold back important information, putting the man he loves in danger because he doesn't warn him that their new classmate is his ex, an obsessive psycho who is stalking him. Eventually, Jinha gets pissy and breaks up with Siwon, leaving him vulnerable to being drugged and kidnapped by the sadistic lunatic. And let's talk about Siwon Go, another highly annoying character. He's a living-in-denial uke who blushes profusely but is stuck in the closet refusing to acknowledge his feelings because *gasp* that might make him gay... and people might find out! Even when he finally starts to accept his feelings, Siwon still refuses to give his relationship with Jinha the validation it deserves, hiding it from others because apparently society's opinion of his life is more important than him - or the person he loves - being happy. I get that he's afraid, especially of being in a relationship when he knows he's not yet ready to take it to a physical level, but the longer this goes on the more annoying it gets. Next, we have Donghyun Jang, the best friend who secretly loves him but pretends to hate homosexuals so no one catches on to his feelings. (Because that's not obnoxious at all, right?) Eventually, he cuts the shit out, which I was very thankful for. And lastly, we have antagonist Lu Xuan Run, the king of obnoxious assholes who thinks treating people like garbage is the perfect way to win their love. WTF man. This is a grown-ass adult who did the EXACT SAME shit as a child but apparently has learned absolutely nothing in all this time. Sadist psychos are not my thing, I just want this guy to die as quickly and brutally as possible. All these people are university-attending adults, but every one of them has made me feel at some point in the story like they need their asses beat for being this stupid. The first three characters have good traits as well, but the fourth guy seriously just needs to be dragged out into the street and shot.

My other complaint with this comic is the pacing. It's sooooooooo sloooooooow. Storylines drag on forever and don't look for too many hot yaoi scenes to spice it up. Every time it looks like the MCs are about to have sex, they don't. If you came here looking for somebody to get it in, this story is a rollercoaster of disappointment. Something always stops the action from taking place, and after sixty-five chapters I've learned that sex dreams, hotel rooms, condom purchases, and make-out scenes are all just red herrings leading you to think the story is about to get racier than it actually is. Sorry to disappoint you, but that's how it goes. We do get some nauseating scenes of abuse, where an unwilling victim is kidnapped and assaulted, weeping miserably as he is forced to participate in a psycho's BDSM fantasies, so there's that for people who are into that sort of thing. Personally, I just find it disgusting. I'm hoping this manhwa gets better, but right now I'm not rating it very highly. The best thing it has going for it is the pretty art.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
5/10 overall

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Paro442 Jul 12, 2019

This will have spoilers so I hope you read when you're ready to. Go ahead if you don't mind it.

Damn never thought someone would be this good at reading my thoughts. That's my EXACT OPINION about this webcomic. It contained annoying brats as University students who managed to blow up everything so out of proportion that it became more of a children's moral story book than an interesting plot. Things were quite predictable and not that it's something bad, but being predictable AND annoying at the same time was unacceptable for me. We see drastic changes in characters without any solid base or proof of their feelings as to what happened and when and how did that happen. Also, I think the protagonists here, Siwon and Jinha, were idolized so damn much that I was fearing that they would be made a part of the shrine till the last episode is reached (oh they did reach the shrine somehow lmao). Even while showing the truth to Xuan Run, the things that were shown there were just Siwon and Jinha caring about him. I MEAN COME ON! Does no other person exist on that planet who's actually better than the both of them?! 

Also, I'll mention the part that I liked the most. The part where his dad picks the kitty out of the trash and buries it..also making a tiny graveyard for it and thanking it for being his friend was a truly wonderful scene. That doesn't mean that I support the dad acting the way he did before in front of Xuan Run.

FreeMinnieOnIce Jan 12, 2019

 I completely agree with your opinions. I too think that the storyline is waaay too long and I feel like alot of people aren't going to have the patience to read the whole comic because of it. And yes Lu Xuan Run needs to be brutally killed and done away with. Also I don't like how it leads you on like with the make-out scenes. You think "Oh it's getting hot and heavy. And he just got pushed onto the bed." And next thing you know one of the MC's is like "Actually... we shouldn't." And I feel like that's another reason that the storylne is taking forever to progress and stopping our MC's (Hopefully Kang Jinah and Siwon Go) from having their happily ever after.