Path to You

Ch: 48
2019 - 2020
4.327 out of 5 from 1,855 votes
Rank #266
Path to You

When almost college dropout Jensen attempts to drink away his problems, unemployed Nathaniel suddenly pukes on him and ruins his night. As an apology, Nathaniel offers to help Jensen with his studies. Despite Jensen's difficulties in getting along with people, the two become friends and something deeper begins to grow between them...

Source: Tapas

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I really enjoyed this shorter manhwa; the art was absolutely gorgeous and very unique. You don't get to see such a refined and realistic style that often in manga, manhua or manhwa. Honestly, the art was what pulled me in (okay, maybe it was more the fact that it was a bl with good ratings, but who cares? I still fell in love with the art style). Anyway, I ended up reading this all in one day because I just couldn't put it down. Overall, I felt like it had a good story: it portrayed a healthy relationship with good communication, even if it came a little later. I also thought it was sweet how Jimmy brought Jensen and Niel together, like when he ran away from school XD. It was like seeing a little family, and that made me happy. I really appreciated the fact that the characters explicitly stated their sexualities, because many times in bl it's like, "I just fell for you! It doesn't matter that you're a guy!" And having a pansexual character instead of them both just being gay, even if one of them dated a girl/woman in the past, was awesome. The one thing I wanted to see more of from this manga was Niel and Jensen's relationship once it started. I feel like the author could have expanded on it a little bit more. But that's just me wanting more cuteness, it really was good. I wanted to see more of Eugene though!!! :( I really hated him in the beginning, but after seeing how he handled the situation with Niel, I felt like he deserved a bit more attention. Ah! That brings me to another thing! This manhwa avoided many of the tropes I thought I would encounter while reading it. First of all, I thought Rissa would be the bitchy girl that tries to ruin the main couple's relationship, but she handled the rejection well, congratulated them without being judgemental or rude, and moved on without getting in the way. This was a welcome surprise. Also, when we met Eugene again, I thought he was gonna be a dick and also get in the way of Niel and Jensen's relationship. When he confessed his old feelings to Niel I was like, "Oh no, here it comes," but he was very respectful and didn't push too hard to get Niel to forgive him right away since he knew that he'd been awful to him in the past (and he moved on!!!!!!). Overall, I really loved this manhwa and I would definitely read it again. (Sorry this was so long XD)

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