Love Is An Illusion

Alt title: Sarangeun Hwansang!

Ch: 116
2018 - 2023
4.113 out of 5 from 5,722 votes
Rank #1,725
Love Is An Illusion

20 year-old Hyesung Kim planned his entire life around the belief that he was an alpha, but when he goes into heat for the first time he learns to his horror that he is, in fact, a recessive omega. It's at this point he meets singer Dojin Park, a wealthy alpha who claims to hate omegas. Despite his words, Dojin finds himself musically inspired by Hyesung and driven by a strong urge to protect him. Hyesung also tries to deny their shared attraction, but their mutual hunger for each other drives them into each other's arms in spite of themselves. When their physical union results in a life-changing event, the two men's hot-and-cold relationship is put to the ultimate test.

Includes 73 extra chapters.

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I'll start this off by saying, I really did enjoy this manhua a lot. It's story was interesting to me, and despite one of the MCs being a rather bratty character, somehow I still enjoyed him, even if he was occassionally frustrating, because it was something DIFFERENT fromt he stereotype of an omega. Now for the most important thing I have to say about this: It was marked with sexual abuse. I knew what I was getting in to. I had hopes that maybe, possibly it would be mild to the point where I could ignore it, but unltimately I ended up extremely frustrated. When it was in the begining I understood. Omegas and Alphas have heats and ruts and pheremones and all that shit is crazy and confusing, I understand that some mistakes are made, and because it's fiction, I can sort of kind of let it slide... but then it continued and I became more and more frustrated. It felt like the MC alpha didn't learn something that's so simple a child could understand it!!! If your partner is saying: "Wait!" you wait. If they say "Stop!" you stop. If they say "I don't want this!" STOP!!!!!!! I don't care if someone thinks "Oh it's just a cute tsundere who doesn't know how to say he actually likes it and he loves it anyway so get over it." It's. Frustrating!!!!! If it was just in the beginning I could let it go, and probably give a way better rating for this series, but because in THE LATE STAGES, like, somewhere around like 50 chapters in, it happens again, and the main alpha makes the same mistake AGAIN, I'm pissed off about it. Everyone's so harsh on the main omega because he's "Annoying" but in the long run he was an extreme abuse victim from his family, traumatized terribly even though it was glossed over some of the time, and then he was sexually assulted by the main alpha. His body autonomy was taken away. He got pregnant. Never REALLY had a choice because he didn't UNDERSTAND, because he thought he was an ALPHA his entire life!! Of fucking course someone is going to act like an asshole in this situation!??!?! I would not be this frustrated about this one little detail if it weren't for the fact that I seriously loved EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF THIS MANHUA. Everything else I loved. I enjoyed the characters, the world building, the story lines to an extent. I just feel like if at least the mistakes of the main alpha stayed in the beginning of the story, I could get over it, but when he repeated the same mistake he had already made I lost faith in him as a character and felt so increadibly let down. So that's that. A review and a rant about this manhua. I would recommend it to people who don't have a problem with the dubious consent/sexual assult aspects and can over look it for the otherwise cuteness and interesting storyline. Feelings: Enjoyment ending in dissapointment.

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