At the End of the Road

Alt title: What Lies at the End

Ch: 63
2016 - 2018
4.463 out of 5 from 1,596 votes
Rank #371
At the End of the Road

After a truck accident, Taemin finds himself in the body of Siwon, a victim of bullying at school. No longer a pushover, he starts standing up for himself but then meets Woojin, an old friend from the past. Somehow, Woojin immediately picks up Tamin's 'scent' from Siwon. What happened between these two in the past and how will it affect their future?

Source: Lezhin

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Please read this! I can't spoiler much, but there's lots of stuff going down that makes the story awesome. Yoon Taemin is an 18 year-old boy working off a loan left by his parents. He has a dream of a kid being harmed by kian latme age, and thn decided to run in front of a truck. After waking up, he gets hit by a truck, and loses his life. He woke up in the body of the boy in his dream. Finding out he, the body, got hit by a truck and has amnesia, he goes back to "his" rich faminly. With no memories of Han Siwon, the body he is in, he finds lots of haters/bullies with Siwon's little bro among them.e Determined to make others realize he's not the same Siwon, he attacks back at his haters/bullies. Taemin attracts the eye of a familiar face in the midst, but the friend went from poor and a dying mother to rich and with a family now. The art is wonderful. There's some more characters, and two of them help move the plot along. The main characters have important backgrounds. I like how everyone totally notices that Taemin changed, and backs off or supports him. As usual, the bullies can't accept that, and decided to make sure Taemin (Siwon) knows his "place." And of course, there's a character notices he isn't the same person, literally speaking.  The little bro, Jiwook, has major issues, but his thoughts are understandable. What he chooses to do however is extreme, but then again, there is that one rare sibling.  Although soul swapping is not suppose to be realistic, it's an important key element in the story. The story itself is as realistic as it can get. The characters' thoughts and actions are all relatable and realistic in certain ways.

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