Window to Window

Ch: 41
2016 - 2017
4.277 out of 5 from 876 votes
Rank #1,422
Window to Window

Yubin-ah is childhood friends with Shin Ginu since preschool. The first time he realized that he likes him was in first year middle school. And so six years had passed, now they are attending college together but he still keeps on harboring this secret feelings for him. One day, Yubin-ah was playing with his ass with a vibrator but was accidentally seen by his childhood friend, Shin Ginu through his window.

Source: Lezhin

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zaddytae's avatar
zaddytae Mar 25, 2017
Score 8.5/10

so here are my thoughts on this manga so far, I personally feel like the story so far is kind of a hit or miss tbh because of the fact that not many people would like the complete fact of them not getting to the point with their love for each other as well as the fact that he keeps hiding his feelings although he has these sexual desires and it's become a reality... I peronally think the storyline is great... read more

pookiedynamic's avatar
pookiedynamic Aug 4, 2018
Score 10/10

The art work was beautiful and made the story even more spectacular. I only gave the story 9 because I felt that the ending was slightly rushed and I would have loved to see the two characters form an even stronger emotional connection despite how powerul it is already. The characters were great and I loved how both men were opposites yet worked well together. I also liked how the story balanced out the sexual... read more

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