Dear Door

Ch: 82+
2018 - ?
4.394 out of 5 from 431 votes
Rank #754
Dear Door

While in pursuit of criminals, a police officer has an unexpected encounter with a rather uncanny demon. Barely surviving the incident, Do Gyeong Joon is left staring after the retreating form of the mysterious creature in bafflement. However, not long after this the two meet again when the demon crashes into Do Gyeong Joon’s apartment, saying: “Hurry up! I need to get inside of you”...!?

Source: MU

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Dear Door has got everything from very hot and smutty sex scenes between the main couple, to action and an okay storyline. Though it starts off really rough. It's a slow build as the characters slowly end up gathering feelings for each other, but it wasn't always consensual, so that's where this story can fall short. The secondary couple is also completely non consensual, and at times you just feel so bad for Gyeong Joon's friend, who happens to love Joon, but just can't win against the cards life has thrown him. The humans in this story are for the most part completely useless and at the mercy of the demons in it, and can't seem to resist their circumstances even if they wanted to. They're never given a choice. It makes sense since well... they're dealing with demons, but it can suffocate the story line or get tiresome after a while. Often in the same chapter, main couple will be smashing and the secondary one will be crying, fighting, or abusing one another which can kill the mood. Both main relationships, if you'd call it that, are far from healthy in this manhwa. However, if you don't care for it then you'll do well with its very kinky and well articulated sex scenes. BJ Alex wins in that department of course, but the artist in Dear Door was able to draw the faces (especially of Joon) exceptionally well. The art is more than good, because it had the ability to turn the reader on along with the characters involved. Joon just looked... exceptionally delicious in many panels... and now I sound like a demon. Excuse me.  I look forward to reading more of this when it becomes availiable to me.  Overall: 7/10

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