Blood Link

Ch: 65
2018 - 2019
4.136 out of 5 from 2,709 votes
Rank #1,417
Blood Link

A human, lycan, or a vampire - what am I?! Completely unaware of the existence of these predators, Hwa Gok goes about his everyday life... That is, until Lee Bin turns his life upside down by biting him on the neck, setting off a whirlwind of events neither of them could foresee.

Source: Lezhin

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The review contains no spoiler but my edits do (edit is at the end) I gave it 5 stars.  Not to attack anyone because its your opinon but if you only read up to chapter 11, then ofc the characters are still gonna be full of flaws since there isn't time for character development.  This is not my favourite BL, but it is definately up there.  I actually dropped it around chapter 23 but then i was bored so i decieded try again and now i am so regretful that i didn't pick it up again sooner. Story Uke female werewolf but male human meets vampire seme.  Unique plot.  At first, being 100% honest, i read it for the smut (which is golden).  I dropped this story, since i thought it would be centered around the smutty smut smut and would lack in plot. I am on chapter 50 now, and i am cryyinnngg.  I don't want to spoil anything, but thier relationship is so beautiful now.  The plot is so beautful, not to mention, i am still waiting on the backstory of the seme.  Which i may have already read but then forgot. Art The art is beautiful, not neccessarly the best ever but definetely up there.  I love their eyes so much.  And when the seme goes batsh*t crazy, aka full badass vampir mode, the art and colours emphasize just how scary the seme is.  Colour palettes are very nice as well. The seme's dark brown hair compliments his golden eyes.  Uke is also really well drawn.  Character Seme (forgot his name): I love him.  He loves the uke so much, he has to consciecly tell the himself to control himself.  I won't reveal much, but at one point, uke tells seme that he is going to do something that the seme doesn't want.  But he finally tries, and ends up loving it. Uke (Hwa Gok): I don't like the really child looking ukes, the small ones (sory if you don't know what i mean), but anyway, i prefer a normal looking uke who is quite manly (but not too ripped) but then the seme comes along and dominates him.  That sounds weirder than it actually is, i just suck at explaining.  Hwa Gok is sorta a tsundere (yEs!), he is not a pushover (yEs!) but at the same time, he is a innocent cinnimon roll who needs to be protected/. Jinsu (Hwa Gok;s friend): this dude is so wholesome and i love characters who see one of the ML as platonic way, but the other ML gets jealous ever.  He easily accepts uke's sexuality which is why this dude made it on my character review.  Not to mention, he is hilarious imo. Side note, i like how the females in this BL aren't the shallow brats that too much BL makes them.  In BL, you would find how evil the female are, how much they diss they mc and etc.  Just very glad that there isn't any sterotypes like that in this manga. Overall 100% worth reading, if you arent sure, just try to read it and if you don't like it then fine.  But if you never try you will never know.  It is a bit omega verse, i normally really don't like the idea of alpha, beta, omega and men getting pregnant but this was amazing and beautiful.  It is a very good manga, the smut is better than some yaoi one shots that are only about sex, the story line is also amazing.  It has everything a great BL should have. EDIT: Chapter 54 and finally we have something that tbh more BL relationship needs: TRUST.  The person in BL  would normally see their partner with another lady/man and automatically assume he is cheating.  FINALLY a uke who doesn't jump to conclusions.  Also Jinsu is the best dude, he cares for the uke so much in a platonic way, where can i find a Jinsu T-T EDIT TWO: Their child is so adorable im crying (ch57) Random but this manwha has it all: LIGHT crossdressing for uke(nothing big)+ uke has to wear tights, VANILLA bdsm (the seme hands get tied) and they do it in the car.  ahh perfection. EDIT THREE: The seme's sister, i feel so bad for her, i thought she was evil and i was ready to hate her but now... i feel like she needs a hug (Ch63)

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