Blood Link

Ch: 65
2018 - 2019
4.529 out of 5 from 2,390 votes
Rank #543
Blood Link

A human, lycan, or a vampire - what am I?! Completely unaware of the existence of these predators, Hwa Gok goes about his everyday life... That is, until Lee Bin turns his life upside down by biting him on the neck, setting off a whirlwind of events neither of them could foresee.

Source: Lezhin

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This is such a great read!  This story has it all - beautiful artwork, beautiful mc's, a great story and just the right balance between drama, sexiness and fluff ❤️ This is easily one of the best BL's I've read. I will go in more detail now (without spoilers)  The art: the characters are really beautiful and the detail are insane. Every detail is beautiful, and it is both the People, the background and right down to the very fingernails in every panel - I don't know if I have seen the same level of detail in any other manwha.  The story: the story was really great. It was well balanced - not too heavy and not too light. There is a lot of sexy scenes which are great, but there is just as much a very good story too. I like the story because it deals with themes you've seen before, but it just stats interesting because it is very well done. You will be worried and anxious, but not to the level that you just want to drop it, or just dont care anymore because the while story rides on misunderstandings and characters repeatedly doing stupid things (which i feel is a thing in a lot of bl manga/manwha). Also i like how versatile the story is. It is a fantasy setting and is about fantasy elements but Also deals a lot with anxieties, problems and good things you face in every relationship, so it is super relatable and very heartwarming too. Sexiness: there are a lot of sexy scenes, the guys are beautiful and the art is amazing and there is consent and variety - what's not to like? I cannot reccomend this enough ❤️

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