Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Alt title: Gyeoul Jina Beojkkoch

Ch: 145
2017 - 2022
4.356 out of 5 from 5,764 votes
Rank #183
Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Once young friends, Haebom and Taesung have grown distant after tragedy brought them under one roof as family almost 10 years ago. Things get more complicated in their last year of high school as now they’re... classmates too?!

Source: TappyToon

Includes side story chapters.

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I had high expectations for this story and it was delivered so well in return, honestly. This story was just simple enough to catch my attention but held enough drama and secrets to keep me going without it being to much. Personally, I really fell in love with the two lovers, and even the side characters brought in for the second season I actually liked that much more. All relationships had a time frame of development and feelings where clear and told. Instead of reading something where the character like to play mind games with each other, they were honest and clear with one another and their feelings other than letting nervousness get involved. I only wish there had been more backround with Taesungs family, as it was all very interesting with his situation with his mother and father. I am glad he and his mother were able to patch up their relationship. I loved the small details in art so much! Things like the apartment and classrooms seemed a bit plain but that is completely understandable when it was so detailed otherwise. I love the facial expressions that gave a parallel to what they were feelings instead of expressiong it through words. Nonetheless, this story made me feel very single but in a good way!  I read this story on if anyone was looking for a place to read it. You can also support the people who made it directly on TappyToon! I highly recommend this if you are sappy for utterly cute and simple relationship stories like Taesung and Haeboms!

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