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Simplified Fate/ Series Watch Order Guideby Grizz

Fate originated as a doujinshi novel turned doujin visual novel which later exploded into one of the largest mixed media franchises in Japan. As a result its gotten many spin offs and various adaptions. If you're here you're...

Durarara!! - Watching Guideby Halex

The proper order to watch Durarara!!

Official Suggestions From The Anime-Planet BL Channelby AnnaSartin

Don't know what BL to read next? Don't worry, the Bat Cave (otherwise known as the BL channel on Anime-Planet's official Discord server) is here to help! Includes yaoi, shounen-ai, and other manga with BL content or undertones.

BL With Cute Kidsby AnnaSartin

These BL manga feature dads, big brothers, teachers, daycare workers and other men who find themselves caring for babies and small children. Does NOT include series where the protagonists themselves are children, nor does it...

Smells Like BL!by AnnaSartin

The sense of smell plays a big role in these boys' love stories. The characters may have an unusually sensitive nose, have an alluring scent, or be driven by or drawn together by a particular smell. The nose knows!