Custom lists


Manga and Webtoons for Animal Loversby AnnaSartin

A collection of manga and webtoons from various genres featuring animals, animal lovers, and people who turn into animals. From normal dogs and cats to fantasy creatures, there's all kinds of beasts for you to enjoy.

Kawaii Addictionby AnimeJunkee

A list of characters who love anything that they deem 'cute' to the point of being obsessed.

How to Title your Manga 101by Grizz

The weird and wonderful titles that exist. Text Emoji's make everything better.

.Hack Reading Orderby Helbaworshipper

How to read the .Hack Light Novels and Manga in plot order.

Detective Conan - Watching Guideby knoxyal

Detective Conan, without its filler episodes, is the most intricate and rewarding anime series from the mystery/crime solving genre in anime history. Since this show is a bit of everything (ranging from its main plot that covers...