Custom lists


British English Dubbed Animeby Grizz

Anime Dubbed by us, the British, in the superior language of British English. Some anime in this list were also dubbed into American English seperately.

Cinderella Backstoriesby AnnaSartin

You know how the story begins: A highborn heroine, or one who is adopted into a noble family, is treated like absolute garbage by her horrible family members with no regard for her station or dignity, let alone her personal...

No Girls Allowed!!!by Otakunokotan

Manga/Manhwa/Manhua where girls aren't in the story at all or only appear in the background, whether it's because of male-only race, female genocide, or some other type of plot point. Mainly BL.

Egg list: Eggpreg and Eggcareby Meron

This eggciting list covers eggpreg, or cases of characters incubating eggs they have eggquired for one reason another.

Boys with the bob cutby Cibs

Anime male characters who have the bob cut (a short to medium length haircut, in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at approximately jaw level, and no longer than shoulder-length, often with a fringe at the...

BL Stories With Side Couplesby BAMBOLEO

Manga/Manhwa/Manhuas (bl) with side couples (this is mostly a reminder for me to not read these again, as I have an unfathomable disdain towards side couples….some of these I do love and reread often though)

Sweet Home Alabama - Incest & Step Brothers BLby KinaSenpai

»» ✦ «« Includes a variety of incest & step brother BL. Blood related, half blood related, and borderline blood related included. Also warning because some of these have really dark contents. »» ✦ «« The majority are...

Modern Fighter Female Leadsby nigedasou

Soldier, Assassin, Bodyguard, Martial Arts

Sword Art Online Watching Guideby GeminiRabbit

What order to watch Sword Art Online in.

BL Stories With No Side Couplesby BAMBOLEO

Manga/Manhwa/Manhuas (bl) with no side couples in the main plot (if there are any in these stories, they are only in passing and not focused on)