Custom lists


Live Action OP/EDsby Kari5

Anime that have either a live action opening or ending sequence. See my other list for regular clips/photos in the anime itself.

Ookami BLby AnnaSartin

BL for wolf lovers! Yaoi and shounen-ai with wolf boys, wolf gods, werewolves, and anthropomorphic wolf men.

A Certain... Index / Railgun / Accelerator - Watching Guideby Halex

This is an easy anime series to get into as it has a little bit of everything from comedy to action to slice-of-life; all wrapped up with an interesting setting with cool superpowers and everything is well executed in terms of...

Code Geass - Watching Guideby Halex

This is a very intelligent series which uses strategy and tactics as its main weapons to drive the story. With themes of revolution, freedom, what is just, believing in your own skills and taking responsibility for your...

Patlabor - Watching Guideby Halex

This is a classic anime from author Masami Yuki, also known for Birdy the Mighty: Decode and director Mamoru Oshii, best known for also directing the acclaimed Ghost in the Shell Movie. You'll find some mecha designs & technology...