Custom lists


Seiyu Sound Alikesby Travaughn13

The Focus on Two or More Japanese Voice Actors who sound the Same, they as might as well be related.

🇯🇵 J-Pop/Rock Groups & Singers 🇯🇵by Kaeseolin

I am quite a fan of Japanese music a lot. Also I listen to their songs, as well as anime openings/endings.

Year 24 Groupby tsukinohana

A nebulous grouping so-called as its "members" were born in 1949 or 1950, the 24th year of the Showa period. These female mangaka revolutionized shoujo manga, which in the 50s and 60s was written mostly by men for very young...

A-TEAMby Grizz

A-TEAM is a group of creators led by Shoutarou MIZUKI. Several writers and artists belong to A-TEAM. The group's catchphrase is "the easiest group of creators in Japan to ask for work".

European Authors and Comic Artistsby AnnaSartin

These authors and artists hail from or reside somewhere in Europe. Some have works that were adapted into manga, manhwa, or OEL; others are creators of OEL or other manga whose works are in the Anime-Planet database. Blurbs are...

Black Contributors to the Animation and Comic Industryby AnnaSartin

Black writers, artists, voice actors, musicians, and others who use their talents to help create the anime, manga, and webtoons we all love. ^_^

Cool Mangakaby 1yami

A Celebratory list Made to Credit influential ,successful and "Cool mangaka" also to shed little on some underrated Mangaka hope you agree.

Youtubers/Streamersby FoodLife

A list of YouTubers/streamers who have also done voice acting.

Western Musiciansby Buckylass

Unexpected western musicians who have been involved in anime in some form or another. (Western includes Europe, the US, Canada...etc)

American Authors and Comic Artistsby AnnaSartin

American authors whose works were adapted into manga, manhwa, or OEL; as well as American creators of OEL or manga whose works are in the Anime-Planet database. Blurbs are taken from authors' websites, publisher sites, or...