Custom lists


Youtubers/Streamersby FoodLife

A list of YouTubers/streamers who have also done voice acting.

Western Musiciansby Buckylass

Unexpected western musicians who have been involved in anime in some form or another. (Western includes Europe, the US, Canada...etc)

Seasoned BL Mangakaby AnnaSartin

Experienced BL mangaka with at least 20 boys-love titles to their name (not counting doujinshi). Some creators may have titles missing in the database, so numbers are based on their MangaUpdates bibliography. If you're looking...

A Selection of BL Creators With Animated Worksby AnnaSartin

A selection of BL creators who have several BL titles under their belt and had at least one of their works animated. If you enjoyed one of their manga/novels or its animated adaptation, you might want to check out the creator's...

Medal with Purple Ribbon Recipientsby Kwanthemaster

Individuals who have received the prestigious Medal with Purple Ribbon from the government of Japan for their "contributions to academic and artistic developments, improvements and accomplishments." This list is ordered by year...