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BL Characters With Traumatic Pastsby AnnaSartin

These characters suffered a trauma in the past that caused them extreme pain, grief, fear, or emotional baggage. Some may have put the past behind them even though it still impacts their life in some way, while other characters...

All Anime Titles on Amazon Indiaby Mayank

A list of all anime available on Amazon Prime Video, catalogued for regional availablity in India.

Official Spanish Translations on Manga Plusby TheOriginalMadD

This is a complete list of every manga officially translated and released in Spanish on the Manga+ App, and Website by Shueisha. For the English Translation list please check...

Nues Charactersby KrisDFC

A Nue is Youkai commonly described as having the head of a monkey, the legs of a tiger, the body of a dog or a tiger and the front half of a snake for a tail.

Characters Wearing a Blindfoldby AnimeJunkee

A list of characters who wear a blindfold.