Custom lists


Tomboyish Sidetailsby astraph

"Tomboyish Sidetails" is a haircut with shorter hair in the back (roughly bob-length) and longer sidehair that is typically around shoulder length in the front. Despite it's name, the style isn't only worn by tomboys.

Femboysby AnimeJunkee

A list of male characters who enjoy and/or feel more comfortable wearing feminine clothes and act in an effeminate manner. The sexuality of these characters varies, and they are all comfortable with their gender.

Ailurophobiaby AnnaSartin

Ailurophobia is a persistent, irrational fear of cats.

Lab Ratsby astraph

These characters were experimented on - typically by a mad scientist - at some point during their youth. Some may have strange powers, missing limbs, or even the ability to transform into something else. One thing is constant in...

Dhampirsby astraph

The children of a vampire and a human. Some dhampirs may need blood, some may not.