Custom lists


Boys with the bob cutby Cibs

Anime male characters who have the bob cut (a short to medium length haircut, in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at approximately jaw level, and no longer than shoulder-length, often with a fringe at the...

Weekly Shonen Sunday & Sunday Web Every Heroine Poll 2023by jmaeshawn

In celebration of the 65th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine, Comic Natalie held an official poll where readers could vote for their top 30 favorite heroines from a selection of 101 female characters across a range of...

Corsets and Girdlesby AnnaSartin

These characters wear a visible corset or girdle.

Male Wives and Concubines in Damneiby AnnaSartin

These men are the royal consorts of princes, kings, emperors, and other lords in Chinese danmei stories.

Exceeds: The Flying Cats of Fairy Tailby AnnaSartin

Exceeds are a magical race of anthropomorphic flying cats in the Fairy Tail universe; the most well-known of which are Happy, Charle, and Pantherlily.

Misjudged youby kms012

Characters that grew on me that I either didn’t like initially or that simply didn’t stand out or have a good first impression.

Hair Intakesby Mayank

These characters sport a hairstyle that features a single or a couple of portrusions from above their head, resembling the appearance of turbo air intakes that stand over the hood in some performance focused cars. Usually...