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RavenKun Jan 4, 2021

Thanks.... ^-^

eatmerindou Nov 9, 2020

um, i really want that Chika bunny-girl outfit figure. you sure know what the right things to invest in are lmao

KyousukeHiryuu Sep 3, 2020

hey, could you recommend me some anime? when it comes to picking anime from my w2w i scroll through the list and not pick anything. anime that i havent watched that you have can do. ;)

KeyAndKyoAniLover Aug 30, 2020

Hello! I'm responding on your profile to prevent the discussion on the forum from going too off-topic. I hope that's okay.

The criteria that I'm using for my list is whether or not the visual novel that the manga is adapted from has an anime adaptation AT ALL. Even if a visual novel has both a manga adaptation and an anime adaptation and each one adapts a different route in the visual novel, it does not meet my criteria since the visual novel has an anime adaptation. Also, if the visual novel that a manga is adapted from is a sequel or spin-off to a visual novel that does have an anime adaptation, as long as the visual novel itself doesn't have an anime adaptation, its manga adaptation does meet my criteria. I also have to be able to find the original visual novel on VNDB, and if the manga hasn't been translated in English (whether officially or by fans), it certainly helps if I can find said manga on both Manga Updates and Amazon Japan. I know, weird criteria, but that's just how it works for me.

Theoretically speaking, you're correct; filtering out the "Adapted to Anime" tag should allow me to find what I'm looking for. However, at the same time, there are still plenty of manga adaptations of visual novels that have anime adaptations that don't have the "Adapted to Anime" tag, such as Higurashi (at the very least, most of the manga adaptations it has adapts arcs in the visual novel that were also adapted in the anime); those manga don't meet my criteria, and the sheer amount of manga in the database that are like that make it significantly easier to overlook the manga that do. There are also a few manga in the database that meet my criteria but aren't tagged with the "Based on a Visual Novel" tag; those manga may be tagged with the "Based on an Eroge", "Based on an Otome Game", and/or "Based on a Video Game" tags, but not the "Based on a Visual Novel" tag.

Of course, it's possible that the way I've been approaching making my list is wrong. Still, I hope my explanation helps you understand what criteria I use for my list.

Mariiamtolba Aug 23, 2020

Bruh U are an epic Otaku , I'm a fan🙆🏻‍♀️