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Omegaverse: Omegas' First Heatby AnnaSartin

Going into heat for the very first time is a common occurrence in ABO stories. An Omega's first heat is often a frightening experience for those who are not prepared for this change in their bodies, and they are extremely vulnerable to being...

Omegaverse: Fated Pairsby AnnaSartin

In the Omegaverse, a Fated Pair is an Alpha/Omega couple who are destined to be together. Fated pairs develop a deep emotional and sexual connection to each other, and in many cases will sense each other immediately when they first meet by the scent...

Comic Essaysby CaptainSlow

A comic essay (コミックエッセイ or エッセイ漫画) is a genre of manga that draws on the author's life experiences, much like an autobiography, in order to discuss lifestyle topics such as travel, cuisine, child-raising and mental...

chronological Akio Suginoby Stela

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