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Manhwa/Manhua Where Mc Can Copy Talentsby CHEM0007

Here’s a list of the Top Manga/Manhwa where MC can copy skills/talents/powers. In these types of manhwa/manga, the main character can copy/steal/absorb the talents or skills of his opponents or other people. These are always...

Monster Huntersby emerjas

These characters fight and kill monsters. They might specialize in hunting one type of monster, enter dungeons for their hunt, have superpowers for combat, or be a member of a hunter association.

Arifureta: From Commonplace To World Strongest Watch Order Guideby CHEM0007

Imagine you and your whole class get reincarnated into another world. Would you love to face new adventures in the world? Arifureta: From Commonplace to the World’s Strongest has a similar story. Indeed, the real world can be...

Overlord Anime Watch Order Guideby CHEM0007

The exact release order for Overlord is admittedly quite confusing, especially with the absolute deluge of special content that has come out for the series. For those who want to see every part of the show from start to finish...

Higurashi Watching Guideby GeminiRabbit

Recommended order for the Higurashi series.

Haikyuu Anime Watch Order Guideby CHEM0007

Sports anime has blown up over the course of the last decade and one of the series leading the charge is Haikyuu!!. The volleyball series first began its run in 2012 and has released plenty of content in the years since, from...

Hajime No Ippo[fighting spirit] Chronological Orderby CHEM0007

I hope that it is helpful for the readers. Sometimes, the watch order might confuse us, but I tried to keep it as simple as possible. Watching the entire franchise in this order will definitely help you in the whole narrative as...

Manganovelby Meron

This is a complete list of every manga published in English MangaNovel. These are incomplete in English. MangaNovel went defunct in 2009.

Fairytale Inspired Storiesby pinkstrawberrymilk

Manga, manhua, or manhwa based on fairytales, that are fairytale-like, or have fairytale tropes. Could include isekai, historical, or modern genres.

Female Directorsby Buckylass

A list of female directors who have consistent directing works. Ordered according to the rough popularity of Anime-Planet.