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Omegaverse: Nesting Scenesby AnnaSartin

These omegaverse titles contain at least one nesting scene. Omegas "nest" by gathering clothes and other comforting objects to lay on or surround themselves with that smell like their mate or other loved ones. Nesting is an...

Full Color BL With Great Artby AnnaSartin

These full-color boys-love series have lovely art or pretty character designs.

Similar Adaption Coversby Grizz

List of manga and light novels (mostly adaptions of one or the other) that are very similar in their character position, design, expression, etc.

BL With an Ancient Japanese, Chinese, or Korean Aestheticby AnnaSartin

These boys-love manga and webtoons take place in ancient China, Korea, or Japan; or are set in a fantasy world with a similar eastern Asian aesthetic where historical clothing, hairstyles, and architecture are the norm. Emperors...

Manga Adaptions that copied the Novels Covers (Confusing, Right?)by Grizz

Title says it all, these manga adaption artists redrew the original novels cover illustrations character, position, etc almost perfectly for their comic adaptions volume releases. Totally not confusing at all...