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Renfaire Fantasy (Anime)by CaptainSlow

These anime are set in Renaissance-style Fantasy realms, with a focus on knights and Nobility, and predominately taking place in castles and courts. A popular type of Otome Game setting, women in beautiful ballgowns (sans...

Dating (Manga)by CaptainSlow

These follow the trials and tribulations of entering the dating scene as a single adult. From looking for a partner for life on a dating app, to trying not to get wasted at a group date, people either end up with devastation, a...

Homewreckerby Ryuubus

Homewrecker (intentionally or unintentionally) is the person blamed for the break-up of a marriage or long-term relationship, especially as a result of having an affair with one of the partners.

Netflix Canada Animeby Kari5

Anime found on the Canadian version of Netflix.