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Official English: Manta Comicsby kpossibles

Webtoon series licensed on Manta. This list is ongoing and will be updated as needed. Please support the official releases! || Last update: 5/4/2021

French Charactersby AnimeJunkee

A list of characters who are from France.

Usagi BLby AnnaSartin

It's not unusual for boys in BL to go at it like rabbits, but in this case, they actually are rabbits! If you like cute boys with bunny ears, then you've come to the right place!

Silver Stars: Manga, Webtoons, and Light Novels With Older Protagonistsby AnnaSartin

These manga feature characters who are elderly or later middle age. Like their younger manga counterparts, these characters can go on adventures, have romances, deal with issues in their daily life, take up new hobbies, make new...

Top 10 longest titlesby RoyalOss

The top 10 longest titles on AP (including spaces, excluding ''Light Novel" bracket)