Custom lists


Gijinka Animeby AnimeJunkee

Gijinka - also known as moe gijinka or moe anthropomorphism - is a form of anthropomorphism where animals, objects, plants or concepts are shown in a cute humanized form. Usually they have an accessory, outfit or hairstyle that...

History of Japan Through Animeby knoxyal

A list of shows that are based on historical events that took place in Japan or are set in a specific era in Japanese history. Hence they reflect the events, lifestyle, fashion or social values of the era in some kind of way...

Best Ecchi Mangaby Grizz

A list of the Lewdest Ecchi Manga that aren't just fap material and have a good balance of plot and visuals!

Manga with romance subplotsby alfa

manga that contain romance elements but don't have the tag due to it being an extra or considered a "subplot".

Rainy Days In Animeby knoxyal

A list of predominantly rainy episodes and movies that highlight rainy scenes.