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The Garden of Sinners - Watching Guideby Halex

Also known as Kara no Kyōkai is set in an alternate universe to Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night; in which it serves as the prototype for both series as well as introducing many of the concepts prevalent within the latter two. It...

One Piece - Watching Guideby Halex

This guide will focus on what's worth watching. One Piece has a lot of Movies, Specials, Shorts, etc. I am only adding the most important ones in order to keep the list manageable, so If the item is not listed, then it can be...

BL Characters With Traumatic Pastsby AnnaSartin

These characters suffered a trauma in the past that caused them extreme pain, grief, fear, or emotional baggage. Some may have put the past behind them even though it still impacts their life in some way, while other characters...

All Anime Titles on Amazon Indiaby Mayank

A list of all anime available on Amazon Prime Video, catalogued for regional availablity in India.