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Black Butler - Watching Guideby Halex

This show has both a "canon" and a "filler/original" story, each with its own merits. This guide is my preferred order to enjoy both stories and avoid as many inconsistencies as possible that are created by them.

Best Music Videos 1900-1999by Halex

Music Videos are definitely a genre that hasn't been developed in the anime form, so don't expect any masterpieces. I'm giving more points to the music than to the visuals for obvious reasons.

Ghost in the Shell - Watching Guideby Halex

This franchise comprises different installments that are somehow standalone and while they could fit into a timeline, there are enough inconsistencies/differences to make them alternative/parallel worlds. This is my recommended...

Male Protagonistsby AnimeJunkee

A list of anime that feature only men as the main characters.