Custom lists


Big Batch of Bearsby AnnaSartin

A big list of anime, donghua, and other media featuring bears of all kinds. May also have a bear as a mascot, a bear-loving main character, or have bears as a recurring theme.

Food and Product Commercials Starring Anime and Donghua Charactersby AnnaSartin

Commercials where characters from popular Japanese and Chinese animation advertise completely unrelated products like instant food, household goods, and businesses. Listed in alphabetical order by anime/donghua franchise, not the...

Project Young Music Videosby sim

Music videos that have been published under Project Young.

100 Most Watched Anime on Anime-Planetby YaBoiLogan

This is a list of the 100 most watched anime franchises on Anime-Planet according to the Watched, Watching, and Dropped numbers on an anime's page. I decided not to include Want to Watch as I wanted to include only numbers that...

Hard work X Dark Lithane

The female protagonist is a good-hearted, kind and hardworker good girl. who takes things seriously. The male protagonist is a dark, mystic, scary, pushy or possessive human or demon.

Mini Animeby Backlogsolong

A collective list of chibi mini anime based on preexisting full-length anime. So, anime with short episodes like "My Sweet Tyrant" will not be included.

Two Women Adventuringby Blackmagebrad

Usually one is stupid and one is brash. Mix in one being demure, as well, and shuffle the brain cell.

Feel Good Anime For Cloudy Daysby Tim1366

When you need a pick-me-up these anime will be there for you Enjoy!

Animal Loversby AnnaSartin

Shows about people who REALLY love animals!

Anime/Manga ≠ Manga/Animeby Noth94

The usefulness of this list? In case you want to know if the anime/manga you watched/read is completely (or partially) DIFFERENT from its paper/animated counterpart.