Custom lists


Ship Captainsby KrisDFC

These characters are ship captains. They are in charge of command of the ship. They could be captains of a merchant ship, a pirate ship, a military ship, a fliying ship, a space ship, etc.

Wafuku Collectionby knoxyal

Characters wearing Kimono, Yukata, Jinbee, among other wafuku. Ranked by design. Minor characters are not listed.

Unforgettable Outfitsby knoxyal

A ranked list of well designed (i.e., unique, memorable, pleasing to the eye) outfits. The outfit must be particular to the character, so uniforms have been excluded from this list.

Characters That Look Great In Suitsby knoxyal

These suit-wearers are suited to suits.

A sip worth of reads (A list of short reads)by DonAlba

By no means is this a list of all short 'manga' that are worth reading. If you have a recommendation, please--comment down below with it !