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Most Recommended Anime For Secret Santaby AnnaSartin

These titles tend to get recommended a lot. To make the list, they must be recommended at least three times in a single year during the yearly Secret Santa event on the A-P forum. (2021+) Things that have been recommended...

Interspecies Parenting and Childcareby AnnaSartin

These characters are taking care of or are being cared for by members of a different species. In some cases, the characters may have formerly been members of the same species, such as a member of the undead who used to be...

Character improves themself or the world around themby tankgrisly

Manga with themes like politics, action (specially with levels or other ways that evolves them over time), kingdom building and other situations where you feel like the main character's power is growing. They can get vassals...

Found Familyby BurntT0ast

Stories that include of themes of characters who aren't biologically related but end up being united in a family-bond, often protecting, supporting, and/or loving each other unconditionally

Weapons Of @$$ destructionby Ashtauriel

Yaoi where the semes come in XXL or bigger "down there". Feel free to drop suggestions.

RoFan Webtoons in Printby atypicalfangirl

Romance Fantasy Manhwa (English Translation) in Print/Digital Full Volumes

Monks - Anime and Donghuaby AnnaSartin

The characters in these stories are monks. They might peacefully reside in a Buddhist temple or monastery, wander the land on a pilgrimage seeking enlightenment and aiding those in need, or they may be warrior monks who fight to...

Comic Creatorsby AnnaSartin

These people write or draw manga or other comics. Includes mangaka and their assistants working in the manga or doujinshi industry, webtoon creators, and cartoonists who draw comics from various countries. The story may focus on...

Subtle BL in Non-BL mangaby saintSinsane

bromance, two male leads, friendships, rival, partners manga I read till now. So, you can also suggest me such contents MANGA

Anime that have character's name as titleby Frommidgard

These anime features their main character's name as title. For any mistakes or inclusions leave a comment down. I'll edit it as neccesary.