Custom lists


Lighthearted Animeby bluebear1

This collection contains anime with - • good stories • feel good vibes • no complicated and toxic stuff • mostly slice of life genre ( something relaxing to watch to take a break...

+Ultra Programming Blockby Claptrap

This programming block is similar to the Noitamina block, and has a similar cause. The block is based on the concept of spreading anime culture overseas with high-quality animation to be enjoyed by the world.

Extremely Popular BL Webtoonsby AnnaSartin

If you are a BL lover and have not heard of these webtoons, please alert someone and let them know to rent an emergency crane to help lift up the rock you've been living under. Then once you've dusted off, feel free to check out...

Vocaloid with an Official Coverby Buckylass

Vocaloid music videos that have an official cover produced by the original Vocaloid producers. (NOT utaite versions)

SMUT with a good romance/story [Manga and Webtoons]by KatikEye

Smut with likeable characters and a good story is hard to find. In this list I'm compiling my favorite ones I found so far. #mature #romace #josei #adult