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Tanuki Mangaby AnnaSartin

Manga featuring tanukis.

Cleopatra (manga edition)by AnimeJunkee

A list of manga that are about the Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra.

Award-Winning BL Webtoonsby AnnaSartin

Need help wading through the sea of webtoons on your quest for quality BL? Well, we're here to help! A list of webcomics that have won contests and various awards.

Sacrificial Offeringsby AnnaSartin

"I was supposed to be a sacrifice, but..."

My Top Favorite Romance Mangas / Manhwa / Manhua that YOU must DEFINITELY read!by halochan

This list is still ongoing and lately I've been obsessed with reading romance mangas. The wholesome-ness gives me comfort and I just love a GREAT romance story. Every time I finish a new romance manga I will put it on the list If...