Custom lists


Gorgeous & Intriguing Shounen-ai Webtoons (BL)by Chu66u6

A list of Danmei (Chinese BL) and Korean BL webtoons. Featuring stories of crime, mystery and drama, with gorgeous art and all in full color.

The Subverse, SubDom, & SM List (BL)by Chu66u6

Similar to omegaverse, this list includes sub-genre subverse, that feature codependent characters with submission roles and power play dynamics. Also includes notable s&m titles.

The Seke & Switch List (BL)by Chu66u6

This list features characters with reversible, interchangeable or flipped roles, where typical uke and seme dynamics don’t apply, such as semeXseme, ukeXuke, alphaXalpha or straight to uke.

Supernatural & Fantasy Romance (BL)by Chu66u6

Supernatural & Fantasy that feature codependent characters with powers & abilities, includes sub-genres Guideverse, & Maidenverse.

The Ultimate Isekai, Reincarnation, Transmigration & Afterlife List (BL)by Chu66u6

This list features BL romance with characters who have been reborn, transmigrated, or summoned into other worlds, times or dimensions.