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BDSM Submissiveby AnimeJunkee

A list of characters who practice BDSM and take on the role of the sub.

Native Americans & Other Indigenous People of the Americasby AnnaSartin

These characters are Native Americans or other indigenous people who were the original inhabitants of the Americas. In ancient times, they founded many different tribes and nations on both continents with a diverse range of...

Official English Published By Tentai Booksby Grizz

This is a complete list of every Light Novel published in English by Tentai Books. These are either incomplete, ongoing or fully published in English. Tentai Books also publish their series in Spanish!

New Year's Episodes In Animeby AnnaSartin

These anime have an episode that takes place during the New Year's holiday. Characters may go home to see their extended family, visit a shrine, attend a local festival, watch the first sunrise of the year, eat and prepare...

Light Novels with Official English Translationsby Grizz

A List of All Light Novels officially licensed, translated and released in English. They may be Ongoing, on hiatus, dropped or completed in English. Release formats vary between Digital Only, Print Only or released in both.