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Silver Stars: Anime With Older Protagonistsby AnnaSartin

These anime feature characters who are elderly or later middle age. Like their younger anime counterparts, these characters can go on adventures, have romances, deal with illnesses or other issues in their daily life, take up new...

Brushstrokes of History: Historical Manhwa with Beautiful Artistryby Sylphiette23

Embark on a journey through the annals of history with "Timeless Tales," a curated collection of historical manhwa that not only captivates with its rich storytelling but also mesmerizes with its breathtaking art style. Delve...

Suicidal Shenanigans - Stories About Characters Who Just Want To Dieby AnnaSartin

The characters in these stories have one simple wish: death! But regardless of their wishes, the universe seems determined to keep them alive.

Chill Comedyby KarinDoll

An anime without a strong plot, suitable after a hard day at work

Europe and Europeans in BLby AnnaSartin

These BL take place in Europe or feature European characters who have traveled somewhere else in the world.

America and Americans in BLby AnnaSartin

These BL take place in America or feature American characters who have traveled somewhere else in the world.

Anime You Can Show Your Normie Friendsby pinkstrawberrymilk

Anime that would be good for people to show people to get them into it. Shows like this won’t have aspects that might put people off or intimidate them initially (e.g. excessive fan service, require a lot of knowledge of...

Non-Traditional Dom/Sub Verse Dynamicsby SugarPlumSenpai

Subs who like to top, gentle doms, atypical subs, doms who like to bottom... a list of dom/sub verse manga with non-traditional dynamics

Consequences of being immortalby Frommidgard

These list covers manga that depicts the consequences of being immortal. They may have to lose the people they come accross and face their departure. Often they gradually stop interacting with people. This type of manga are...

Tragedy Mangaby Frommidgard

In these type of manga/manhwa/hua, characters go through intense tragic moments. From discovering the darkest truth of their life to going through the death of a loved manga, this list covers all the melancholy and monotonys.**...