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Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2024 Men's ver. Top 10by jmaeshawn

This list features the top 10 must-read manga series for 2024, as ranked in the men's version of "Kono Manga ga Sugoi!" - a reference mook series published annually by Takarajimasha since 2005. Series are listed in order from...

LGBTQ+ Mediaby Montero

Media that is written by an LGBTQ+ person. A work listed may not be primarily about queerness it's just listed if they are out. Other than that series will be included that contain themes about living as a queer person in...

Snow Leopards in BLby AnnaSartin

BL stories with a snow leopard in it.

Romantic Polyamory - Not Just An Excuse To Draw A Threesomeby AvariciousImp

After reading some poly works, it struck me how polyamory is used as a tag for any threesome action in which people aren't jealous as heck about it, and some of the best poly romances are just tagged 'love triangle' instead. So...

Anime/Manga ≠ Manga/Animeby Noth94

The usefulness of this list? In case you want to know if the anime/manga you watched/read is completely (or partially) DIFFERENT from its paper/animated counterpart.


Bromance in every genre manga

BL With Masksby AnnaSartin

These boys-love stories feature characters who wear masks.

Underrated Anime Series Not Enough People Knowby Annie25

For people looking for a good anime when they’ve already gone through the top rated anime. I rarely see these anime listed in their respective genres. I have ranked them in order of what I personally think are must watches at...

Horror-comedy mangaby Frommidgard

This list collects manga with a combination of two genres : horror and comedy

Cursed BLby AnnaSartin

These BL manga and webtoons feature protagonists who have been cursed, or they are dealing with or trying to break a curse someone or something is suffering from.