Custom lists


Purchased Protagonistsby AnnaSartin

The main characters in these stories are bought at an auction, sold at a slave market, or exchanged for cash or other goods in a private sale. This is a common plot device in ecchi and smutty romance stories but is certainly not...

Omegaverse Novelsby AnnaSartin

A list of Omegaverse novels, light novels, and web novels in the Anime-Planet database.

Team Vice Captainsby AnimeJunkee

A list of characters who act as the secondary captain for a sport's team.

Simplified Fate/ Series Watch Order Guideby Grizz

Fate originated as a doujinshi novel turned doujin visual novel which later exploded into one of the largest mixed media franchises in Japan. As a result its gotten many spin offs and various adaptions. If you're here you're...

Durarara!! - Watching Guideby Halex

The proper order to watch Durarara!!