Custom lists


Must watch Seinen/ Dark fantasy animeby NightTonight

If you like anime that has more mature themes, violence, action fuelled fights then recommend watching this. Not for the faint of heart. Other anime that do not match that are just action packed if you like watching great...

Good Manga for Japanese Beginnersby ironicvolleyball

Simple starter manga for Japanese learners, these series use everyday vocabulary with minimal slang to give a welcome break from textbook learning. If anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear them!

Classic LGBT+ Mangaby ironicvolleyball

The earliest manga to focus on LGBT+ themes. Although the following series may not always be 100% positive, many were rather ground-breaking and have set precedents for later works. Let me know if you have a recommendation to...

Best Females Travelling to Another Universe Part 1by Jxnny1Mc

All mangas listed are with a female perspective and about them being pulled into another world due to an accident or by force because of a villain. As you read, you can see how the character adapts into there new life and how...

Top Ten Bad Guy Turned Good Guy Animeby Ebonyslayer

The point of the list is to show good examples of characters, not necessarily protagonists, who undergo character change and give their lives a good direction to follow.