Custom lists


Lovable Creaturesby knoxyal

A collection of animal/non human characters that I think are absolutely lovable.

Blonde Bishonensby Cibs

List of blonde boys in anime to all the blonde boy lovers like me.

Food Charactersby Kari5

There characters are, at least in part, anthropomorphic food. Some can be eaten...but most are too cute!

Ancient East Asia NOS (manga)by LupaLunae

Ancient East Asia Not Otherwise Specified. Manga that take place in a world clearly based on ancient/imperial China, Japan, or Korea, but because they do not specifically take place in a historical time period, they often do not...

Multiple Realms and Transmigrationby LupaLunae

List of transmigration/multiple worlds light novels, mostly BL. In these series, each arc takes place in a different world, from zombie apocalypses to modern fantasy, all within the same series. I'm going to try to list the world...