Custom lists


Multi-Eyed Charactersby KrisDFC

These characters have more than 2 eyes in their head (or body).

Literary References In Animeby knoxyal

In the form of direct reference to the book title/author, quotes from the book, literary allusions and adaptations.

15 Underrated Animes that you should definitely watch ASAP!!by halochan

These animes are the kind where you would keep scrolling at first glance but later wished you would've watched it sooner. I'm cutting you that guilty feeling and showing you which animes you 100% need to watch!

Grond's Imperial Guardby GrondXIII

Just in case I ever find myself Emperor of the Anime Universe, I have decided to build myself a private guard consisting of the orneriest bloodthirsty bad-ass bastards who are still competant without being totally insane. They...

BDSM Dominantby AnimeJunkee

A list of characters who practice BDSM and take on the role of the dom.