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Romantic Polyamory - Not Just An Excuse To Draw A Threesome

After reading some poly works, it struck me how polyamory is used as a tag for any threesome action in which people aren't jealous as heck about it, and some of the best poly romances are just tagged 'love triangle' instead. So here's a list for people who want stories that portray polyamorous relationships as more than a one-off good time for smut's sake. WIP. If you have suggestions, particularly for bi pairings, please comment to me about them!
1 Goukaku no Tame no! Yasashii Sankaku Kankei Nyuumon

Goukaku no Tame no! Yasashii Sankaku Kankei Nyuumon

F/F/F. The ur-example of poly being tagged as a love triangle, and some of the best poly rep I've seen in a while. Mutual poly, all in love with each other.

2 Luminous=Blue


F/F/F. Definitely feels like it was cut short before the author had time to write what they wanted to, but what's here really works. The ending came as a surprise to me because I'm used to feeling gaslit by love triangles where a choice must be made, and I'm left thinking 'but X has two hands'. Glad this one validated my feelings there for once. Mutual poly.

3 Boyfriends.


M/M/M/M. Because obviously. Extremely fluffy and a bit cringe, but worth a read if you're starving for poly romance. Author seems to get that people don't have the same dynamic with everyone they're romantic with, so no blanket 'I was born a submissive so I could never dom anyone uwu' here, thank god. The author has lewds on his patreon if you find yourself wanting that, fyi. Mutual poly.

4 Sharing Little Kitty Nekoda

Sharing Little Kitty Nekoda

M/M/M. Pretty cute romance that writes gay men as if the author understands male socialization and how men tend to frame showing affection. Also features buff bottom and androgynous, chipper top as other non-typical BL tropes. Both love interests are in love with MC, but care for each other.

5 Tonari no Heya kara Aegigoe ga Surundesu kedo...

Tonari no Heya kara Aegigoe ga Surundesu kedo...

F/F/F. It's got the atmosphere of an ecchi gag manga, most of the time, and as a result can be super questionable in terms of consent and boundaries. Even so, it's definitely polyamorous and definitely loving by the last panel, so it belongs here. Let's normalize questionable ecchi for every niche, I guess. Sort of mutual, but seems to center on MC.

6 I Wanna Die Before I'm 30

I Wanna Die Before I'm 30

M/M/M. Not exactly great rep, but it probably belongs here, in that it's as much about the characters' feelings as it is about pure smut, though smut is definitely getting a lot of focus here. Has no business being as fucking cute as it is. Good if you're a fan of the rundown grungey end of Japanese aesthetics, and the author is normal about sex toys. Mutual poly.

7 Two and Two

Two and Two

F/F/F/F. An older work, and definitely yikes in its portrayal, with adults dating high schoolers and some actual cheating on the side. Author's fetishes for panties and feet are obvious, and the way the viewpoint leers during otherwise emotional scenes makes me really uncomfortable, but it's romantic poly, so it belongs here. Portrays kink well, but otherwise strong 'writer creeps on underage girls' energy, so read at your own risk. Implied to be mutual but ambiguous.

8 Confession (Cheonghu)

Confession (Cheonghu)

M/M/M. Awkwardly translated and kind of disjointed, with pretty terrible yaoi proportions for all the men, but readable I guess. Mostly felt like a fried nugget of nothingburger to read. It fits the bill for poly, but feels pretty light on the romance (and on characterization for that matter), though that may pick up in the sequel (I hope). Two guys into the same person, but care for each other.

9 Jealousy (Cheonghu)

Jealousy (Cheonghu)

M/M/M. Continuation of Confession. Translation and proportions are still awkward, but the characterization is somewhat better, as is probably needed for a believable polyship. 90% dumb misunderstandings by volume, and feels pretty shallow most of the time, but pretty cute in its sentiments if you can stomach the 00s BL tropes.

10 There's No Way This Is Fate

There's No Way This Is Fate

M/M/M. No big secret, but I usually hate omegaverse, so I'm in no way qualified to rec this. It seems dubcon af in the usual omegaverse ways, unhealthy levels of obsession, usual dark romance 'NYT Bestseller' depictions of relationships, etc... but it's a romantic poly relationship, and seemingly mutual where I got up to. Author seems not great at writing men, but in the boring BL way, not the funny 'he bulged bulgingly down the stairs' way, sadly.

11 Love and Truth

Love and Truth

M/M/M. Anyone for twincestuous omegaverse polycule? No? Seriously though, something about this one hit different. Probably the way it weaves class issues and the whole twin thing into the common omegaverse themes of inequality, without being patronizing. It's poly, it's got piercings, sex toys... read the CWs though. And it's somehow mutual poly, wtf.

12 Umi no Misaki

Umi no Misaki

M/F/F/F. First straight entry, wooow. It's a non-mutual harem structure around a guy, but if some of the others are here, this definitely counts. Treats the harem structure where you have to pick a girl, and everyone is jealous, as an obstacle that must be overcome. Unfortunately is still an ecchi harem manga with constant creepshots (presumably so the mangaka doesn't off himself), although at least the women seem to be humanized a decent amount, and almost all of what I saw was consensual.

13 Men of the Harem

Men of the Harem

So I've heard this one is a non-mutual F/MM+ poly story. I don't know, because everything else I've heard about it suggests I would hate it for teasing a sexually assertive femme protagonist in a multiship romance and then writing somewhat uninspiring detective fiction with the concept instead. Trying to read all of this stuff was what burnt me out on curating this list. Hey, I never said things on this list had to be good, or that I'd read them all. Otherwise I'd probably banish Two and Two to the shadow realm, like it deserves.


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Jorban Dec 14, 2023

Thank you, very interesting list, ill be checking some of these out. 

Curious there is no M/F/M or F/M/F, you happen upon any that are good I hope to hear about them.