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Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2024 Men's ver. Top 10

This list features the top 10 must-read manga series for 2024, as ranked in the men's version of "Kono Manga ga Sugoi!" - a reference mook series published annually by Takarajimasha since 2005. Series are listed in order from first place to tenth place, along with the point total that each series received.
1 The Days of Diamond

The Days of Diamond

1st Place - 87 points

2 Daemons of The Shadow Realm

Daemons of The Shadow Realm

2nd Place - 79 points

3 Kanda Gokurachou Shokuninbanashi

Kanda Gokurachou Shokuninbanashi

3rd Place - 66 points

4 Thunder 3

Thunder 3

4th Place - 64 points

5 Heiwa no Kuni no Shimazaki e

Heiwa no Kuni no Shimazaki e

5th Place - 61 points

6 Usuzumi no Hate

Usuzumi no Hate

6th Place - 58 points

7 Haibaiyoushi Mizuiro

Haibaiyoushi Mizuiro

7th Place - 46 points

8 Skip and Loafer

Skip and Loafer

8th Place - 45 points

9 Suna no Miyako

Suna no Miyako

9th Place - 40 points (Tied)

10 RuriDragon


9th Place - 40 points (Tied)


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