Tatsuhiro SATO

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #1,130
Rank #5,397
Tatsuhiro SATO

22 years old, a college dropout and jobless, Sato has been leeching off his parents for four years. His antisocial tendencies cause him to stay inside his apartment, hiding from society and human interaction. Having lost hope for his future and falling prey to delusions, he blames his misfortune on the very conspiracies his old upperclassman Hitomi obsessed with during High School. Pushed by those around him, he is easily motivated to do just about anything to break free from his shut-in ways. But quickly as he jumps into something, he gives up and falls back just as easily.

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Anime Roles

Welcome to the NHK! Main

Manga Roles

Welcome to the NHK! Main
Welcome to the NHK! (Light Novel) Main

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nhanderuvussu Jan 25, 2024

People hating on Satou really missed the point of the character. He is not a character for one to like or hate, he is a character for one to understand and reflect. Its more likely that you should like or deslike how he is developed but it needs to take into account that most Hikkikomoris are not fun people to be around, nor people with good social skills. He is exactly what he is supposed to be and I like how the author approached his development. 

Yakisoda Mar 27, 2023

The last few episodes made me like him tbh

icelance Nov 15, 2022

A realistic deception of a NEET. At first, you could relate to him, in a comedic way but as the show progress, you will see how much Satou is seriously fucked up to the point of not being a laughing matter at all, he seriously needs help.

People may hate him for being a pathetic loser or an asshole or just becoming too relatable but those tropes are exactly the reason he is a great character to study on like "How can a person become like Satou" and "What comes in the mind of a person who is Hikikomori"

Also, The author of the NHK novel and the manga suffers from social anxiety and depression that, even as of the story's writing, was still tormenting him and preventing him from writing. He based Sato on himself, but every character in NHK has a piece of the author inside them.

aerithlover Jun 22, 2022

yall relate to a pedophile ok

StewChamp1 Apr 11, 2021

For all those that say that this asshole is relatable I say please seek help immediately. I do not write this to put any of you down who might be suffering from the issues depicted by his character. I just can't sympathize with him because he is selfish, self-centered and completely pathetic and he lives this way completely unapologetically. He causes those around him to suffer and not only does he not notice the suffering he causes directly, he can't even muster an encouraging word for the people that go out of their way to help and support him. He truly is one of the worst examples of the human condition and makes little to no effort to better himself. The outcome would have been better if one of those cliffs did their damn job!