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Hey All my names Wiiman, and I'm very new to watching anime at the time of this writing (like only 7 months waa) Im very into, fantasy, comedy, action, romance, isekai, and harem anime, I usally try to watch a mix of everything and watch stuff that sounds interesting or I got recommended to me (usally by The Tactician Musician) as it stands I'm currently watching loads of stuff but I don't finish stuff unless I have time

My reviews are of shows I had things to say about (please excuse the gramatical, and puntuational errors as I'm not great with those things, 

,here's some fast facts for most of you.

1. Favorite action: Fate stay night 06 or shakugan no shauna

2. Favorite ROM com: Gamers! And Or And you thought there is never a girl online?

3. Favorite harem: Trinty Seven (I know I rank sekirei higher but I liked armed more even though its not as good)

4. My least favorite: Princess lover

5. Favorite male mc: the one from trinity seven

6. Favorite female mc: Saber or Karen

7. Favorite side male: Yuto Kiba

8. Favorite side female: Haruna Surenji

9. Least favorite male: the pervert from girls bravo

10. Least favorite female: the sword welding girl from princes lover

11. Guilty pleasure D.E.A.R.S

12. Favorite male English VA Yuri lowenthal

13. Favorite female English VA Britney Kabowsky

14. Favorite reverse harem - romantic killer

15. Favorite anime character archetype - maids (I had no idea else to rank this it's kinda like things that are in anime but aren't a genre)

16. Favorite Isekai - The Familiar Of Zero

17 favorite op - Gonna Be Twin Tail

18. Least favorite male voice actor - Greg Aries

19. Underated classic - Air gear

20. First anime Hanakyou maid tai 

21. second favorite female va - Tia Ballard

22. second favorite male va - Clint Buckham

23. favorite studio - J.C staff

24. least favorite comedy - Desert Punk

25. saddest anime - Angel Beats

Thanks for reading and have some fun If you want to discuss anime and have a discord please check out my new anime related server  enjoy


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