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On Discord my name is Blank#2417

My pintrest username is ... and my profile is Kim Taehyung from BTS. The background of the profile is cat noir and cat blanc. 

I love cosplay it is super cool

Anime is sort of my life along with manga and music.

Most of the music I listen to Is like Linkin park, BTS, Three days grace, Kodaline, Anime opening and endings or songs during the anime.

If you have any recomedations for me please tell me in the comment section.

If you want to become friends on discord plez just tell me your discord name/numbers then I'll send a friend request and then we can talk about stuff.

I like a lot of different stuff and may not finsh animes but I know how they end and feel sad that I can't finsh becuase I know what happens.

   This quote makes quite alot of sense

This is quite sad but this is how life may be.

Here is a quote I just though of I also don't know if it's taken so plez tell me.
The happiest people may not be always what the seem. They could break down any minute and you would never know when.
The happiest people may not what they seem.

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GoldenFury Oct 12, 2022

I added you on discord I hope we can become friends :D

my discord is: The Golden Fury#0107

GoldenFury Oct 11, 2022

I hope you have a good day!

Sirscaredyclaude Jun 8, 2022

Thanks for responding and what I have found interesting about Tsukasa since 2003 is that she's no ordinary introvert.

The reason she played a VR mmorpg was because she wanted to escape reality, forget about her drunken dad and find a friend somewhere. Almost like she was on a quest to finding Nirvana, a state of no suffering.

My younger self had no idea that a drunken father could make a lesbian out of an unwanted child. Imagine a woman not paying for child support and leaving her kid behind with a drunk without a second thought. Although, Tsukasa's mom wasn't told in Dot Hack Sign at all.

The closest thing to Tsukasa that I can think of right now is Leo Stenbuck, another unwanted child. What's the point of having kids first, then asking questions second?

By the way, I really loved playing the Dot Hack and Zone of the Enders games.

Sirscaredyclaude Jun 7, 2022

Hello miss! So what do you like most about Tsukasa from Dot Hack?

RobinRoshiki May 16, 2022

Hello there again! How's everything? Have u tried listening to txt's new songs from the new album "Thursday's child" - I have and they are brilliant. My fav song from the new album is 'Opening Sequence'