Tatsuhiro SATO

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DreamsAndIllusions Jan 18, 2019

Never before have I seen such a pathetic MC. The issue isnt even how he has so many issues, but the fact that he just keeps getting worse. He makes the anime hard to watch.

hikikomori1993 Mar 16, 2018

Most relatable anime character ever.

XaronAngel Jun 25, 2015

When i look in to the  mirror myself, i see his face. When i am doing nothing in my lonely room, i recall his habits.

Huzzahfortimelines Nov 8, 2011

This is one of those characters you would find annoying when you meet them in real life, but seeing him do the actions he does, makes him one of the most entertaining characters alive!

lewieroo0 Aug 11, 2011

Sato feels like one of those characters you can totally relate to. This really gives him an edge and we can identify with him and thus grow to love him ever so much ^_^