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ahoy there my name is timothy i have been watching anime in some form for most of my life the first anime i remember are things such as bakugan and pokemon but i played more pokemon then i watched i was a bakugan kid all the way i will pretty much watch anything once and something would need to be a real trashfire for me not to enjoy it and even then i still try to be nice the best i can   the worst thing is somebodys favorite after all  i will make reviews when something good pops in my head my first review was just to test out making them thats why its so short i most likely will update it to something better to read but only when the right words show up i also make lists about topics i find interasting along with my overall favorites list which i will add to when needed  now for a little pop quiz on myself   ( my favorite anime is no game no life  my favorite character is lord ainz from overlord  i really love games of all sorts if the first two things did not tip you off so i guess my favorite theme would be games  (see more of my favorites in my loved character tags tab) i also love cows and cats and coffee  well thats about it   :sidenotes my typing is not the best mistakes might happen sorry for that    if you follow me i will follow you:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         have a nice day (:

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Balthasaurus Sep 23, 2023

 Oh, thank you so much! Kudos! And the same to you.

Chisato4Yumeyoshi Aug 15, 2023

Hello, thank you for the follow as well :)

I hope you have a nice day too!! 

stardust2222 Aug 12, 2023

glad you like it 

stardust2222 Aug 7, 2023

Glad it worked 

stardust2222 Aug 6, 2023

Well I found it on google https://psychopass.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline