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im just a reclusive nerd/geek/weeb & trash


fist of the north star. the rose versalies. Gatchaman. gunbuster. lupin the 3rd. Baccano. mahoromatic. is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?. spice & wolf. fooly cooly. outlaw star. angle beats. gun x sword. space battleship Yamato 2199/2202, Garantia on the vendors planet. rising of the shield hero. bubblegum crisis.


devilman. kinnikuman. Trigun maximum. fist of the north star. Saiyuki. Gundam the origin. blackjack. dorohedoro. area 88. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.


dragon quest. metal gear solid. final fantasy (4-10). Megaman X/legends. mass effect. Castlevania. valkirea cronicals. resident evil. Kirby. Catherine. mortal kombat. lunar the silver star/eternal blue. snatcher. uncharted. ys. Xenoblade Chronicles. spec ops the line. no more heroes.  deadrising. titanfall 2.


gravity falls. samurai jack. star vs the forces of evil. courage the cowardly dog. glitch techs. miraculous tales of ladybug & cat noir. she ra & the princesses of power. Thundercats (2011). the spectacular spider-man. sym bionic titan. transformers animatied/prime. avengers earth's mightiest heroes. my little pony friendship is magic. the owl house. TMNT (2003). amphibia. primal.


back to the future. the thing (1982). big trouble in little china. Jurrasic Park. evil dead 2/army of darkness. Edward Scissorhands. Spaceballs. ghostbusters. the great mouse detective. blazing saddles. UP. the never-ending story. star wars (the original trilogy). the land before time. city slickers. kill bill. 


Kamen Rider. super sentai/power rangers. AVGN. the three stooges. ash vs the evil dead. the toys/movies that made us. the twilight zone. MST3K.


Rey Mysterio. Jushin thunder liger. Fenix. pentagon. Hiroshi Tanahashi. sting. johnny morrison. Tessa Blanchard. Ricochet. brain cage. jade Cargill. mil muertes. Bryan Danielson. Taya. Alex hammerstone. Kota ibushi. angelico. 

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stardust2222 Sep 21, 2021

Us fellow disabled must stick together 

stardust2222 Sep 20, 2021

Thanks for following me my name is Mason and I have autism 

stardust2222 Jul 1, 2021

Nice profile