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Hey everyone my name is Jay Jay I love Games mostly Fighter's,Action-adventure and RPG's. I'm also a huge fan of Anime,Wrestling and Awesome Art.




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Adyth May 21, 2017

thanks for the follow m8 ,returning a favor:)

sothis Jan 19, 2015

Hi Jayage, I left a comment a few days ago asking if you can please hold off on submitting character info, due to the project. Please help us out by stopping submitting, for more info see the link I gave in the previous post

sothis Jan 17, 2015

Hi, thanks for your interest in the character section! A little bit ago we announced a project to add all missing characters, methodically, to the database, as well as cleaning out the Help Needed sections. There aren't many moderators and it's a lot of work, so in the announce thread we asked if users could hold off on submitting characters for awhile and if you have the time, help confirm or deny existing submissions instead so we can clear them faster.

Here's the announcement thread: http://www.anime-planet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=239586 There's a link in there as well about the best way to help confirm - thanks for your understanding and help! ^_^

Ailly Jan 17, 2015

Hey, leaving a comment again to ask if you could please provide some extra info on why you're adding certain tags ^^ There's a little comment box on each character submission page (at the end of the page). You can add your reasons for adding the tags there (or leave a post in the corresponding thread). This will make it easier for us to see whether it fits or not. Thank you very much!

Ailly Jan 10, 2015

Hey! I see you've been submitting some character tags recently. First of all, thanks a lot for helping us out! We'd appreciate it though if you could give us some extra info on why some of the tags need to be applied. You can find all your submissions here: Character Submissions (be sure to make a forum account if you don't have one!). Please reply to any of the relevant forum posts ^^