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Hey everyone my name is Jay Jay I love Games mostly Fighter's,Action-adventure and RPG's. I'm also a huge fan of Anime,Wrestling and Awesome Art.




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kanekistoenail Sep 28, 2021

and rachel from tog (just wanted to add her as another example of dishonest characters on your response to majoromang lol)

stardust2222 Sep 12, 2021

Nope I found it online 

stardust2222 Sep 11, 2021

It's nice to meet you have a good life 

P.s that dragon boy is what i would look like in the anime universe 

stardust2222 Sep 11, 2021

Hi my name is Mason and I have autism

Majoromang Sep 3, 2021

He doesn't force chizuru into anything considering she keeps preventing him from telling the truth and him lying isn't nearly as bad as ruka being a piece of shit.

Who understands Chizuru at this point? she is afraid of being alone and she wants to push away the only person who makes an effort to be there and support her unconditionally... she prefers to run away from her feelings and be a poor victim, at this point I dont care about her whole family "tragedy", she is pretty dumb.

Kazuya is the one who does all the work and the one who has everything to lose out of this situation. He runs the risk of being hated and disowned by his own family, abandoned by his friends and be humilliated and broken. Whats the worst thing that can happen to Chizuru if the thruth gets revealed? absolutely nothing.

She needs to get her shit together, realize how dumb she has been and be the one who confesses to him or outrigh tell him once and for all she is not interested in him so Kazuya can finally move on.