Aka: Amin, Baka-chi

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blue
Rank #324
Rank #263

Tall, beautiful, and mature, Yuukasu's childhood friend Ami is already a working model. Her cool manner and fashion sense make her instantly popular when she transfers in, but due to her friendship with Yuusaku, she falls in with Ryuuji and the gang. Used to getting her way, she can be equal parts friendly and cruel, but mostly just wants people to see her for who she is, not who she pretends to be.

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Anime Roles

Okami-san & Her Seven Companions Minor Non-Speaking Role
Toradora! Secondary
Toradora SOS! Hurray for Gourmands Main
Toradora! The True Meaning of Bento Secondary

Manga Roles

Toradora! Secondary
Toradora! (Light Novel) Secondary
Toradora Spin-off! (Light Novel) Secondary

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mlamington Oct 12, 2020

She gets a good chunck of hate, and it's understandable, but tbh, she's one of the very few characters in the entire series that I find interesting. She's what kept me going through the series, especially since I find the two main characters, Taiga and Ryuuji, rather irritating and didn't care much about their relationship despite it obviously being one of the main focuses of this series.

soggysandals Oct 8, 2020

i dont- reaalllyy like her BUT shes better than taiga

AReissan Sep 8, 2020

By the end of the show, Ami was definitely my favorite character, with Minorin a close second. I don't even care that Ryuuji ended up with Taiga, those two deserve each other. I just wanted to see more of Ami and Minorin.

autumnve Aug 14, 2020

It's obvious she's trying to get the validation of being seen as an adult. It was shown in one episode, Ryuji was different and called her childish when she was expecting him to say "adult". It's almost like he sees right through her! So many people are calling her the best girl etc, most mature on there. But if you notice, she's quite similar to Taiga, maturity level wise.

Poce Aug 5, 2020

I almost dropped because of her

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